About us

About Us

eFax® launched its Internet fax service with the goal of using the convenience of email and the speed of the Internet to make it easier for people to send and receive faxes. eFax has grown to become one of the world's largest providers of Internet messaging services, offering fax by email to more than 11 million subscribers. Our appeal and success are built around three key features: the widest selection of phone numbers; an easy way to send and receive faxes and voicemail by email; and a fast, reliable and secure communications network.

Vast inventory of numbers

Our vast inventory of numbers helps ensure that members can choose the best one for their faxing needs. eFax currently offers numbers in over 3,500 cities worldwide, in 46 countries and on 6 continents.

Easy Internet faxing and voicemail

We make it easier for members to send and receive their faxes and voicemail. When members receive faxes and voicemail, they arrive as email attachments, available anywhere they can access their email. Members send faxes by simply attaching a file or scan to an email and addressing the email to the recipient's fax number.

Fast, reliable, and secure communications network

Members enjoy faxing and voicemail on our global network of cutting-edge servers. eFax® services are protected by enterprise-grade network and data security technologies which include redundancy throughout. Paid members can easily contact customer support by email or by phone, with 95% of calls resolved in less than 2 minutes.

Constantly improving and innovating, eFax will continue to bring members new fax and voice communications that will keep them connected wherever, whenever.

eFax is owned and operated by Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: CCSIV) a leading provider of digital cloud fax technology. Consensus offers eFax, a global leader in online faxing, Consensus Unite and Consensus Harmony interoperability solutions, Consensus Signal for secure automatic real-time healthcare communications, Consensus Clarity, an Optical Character recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution, and jSign for electronic digital signatures. For more information about Consensus, visit consensus.com.

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