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Free Fax by Email Services Should Leverage Mobile Devices

Free Fax by Email Services

Free Fax by Email Services Should Leverage Mobile Devices

Picture being on the road or at a conference and the perfect business prospect is within your grasp. The prospect wants a fax of a sales sheet, a customer form, or a presentation you have on your mobile device. You could try to contact someone at the office and hope they send the right document to the right person. You could find a business services office at a hotel or a print shop in the neighborhood and pay whatever it costs, if you have the time and nothing goes wrong. Or you could just ask the prospect to wait until you get back to the office, whenever that may be. None of these solutions are ideal and each has inherent risks.

The success of a business can hinge on seizing opportunities anywhere and anytime they arrive. If your mobile device was fax capable, you could deliver the document you need to the person that matters instantly. How much would that be worth to your company?

Of course, your mobile device could have that capability right now. Online fax services, many of them offering free fax trial periods, have been around for years and now mobile technology has made them invaluable. Any device with an internet signal, from tablets to smartphones can send and receive faxes. Connect with decision-makers while you have their attention and provide them with the documents they need to seal the deal. Anywhere from a cross-country train to your kitchen, can become a mobile office that can reach out to whoever you need to contact by fax.

A mobile device is the optimal office administrator, with software that can file multiple faxes simultaneously by document type or source, and alert you with a buzz or ring when the important documents arrive. There is no need for a traditional machine tied to a landline that can only send or receive limited faxes. As documents arrive they go directly to your mobile device instead of lying in the office for anyone to pick up accidentally.

A fax by email service can take a document from your mobile device and put it directly into the hands of your prospect during the initial meeting. Forms requiring signatures, identifying information, sales sheets, purchase agreements, or marketing images all can be delivered instantly without the worry of a wrong number, a lost piece of paper, or busy signal.

Don’t let the next avenue for new business slip away. Harness the full power of mobile technology today with a free trial of our services. Reserve a fax number for your business online today and send your first email fax using eFax’s FREE 30 Day Trial. Our free 30 day trial program gives you the opportunity to try all the features of sending and receiving faxes over the internet first hand. Find out what a fax by email service can mean for new business, greater mobility, and a more efficient workflow.

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