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Fax to Email Allows You to Send and Receive Faxes with Ease

Fax to Email Allows You to Send and Receive Faxes with Ease

With eFax® you have many options when sending and receiving faxes. You can perform these operations using the eFax® website, one of our mobile apps, or via email. Many people chose to send and receive their faxes by email because this feature is so easy to use.

Using Email to Send Faxes

With eFax®, sending faxes via email is easy. Simply address an email to [email protected] and attach the documents want to fax. Let’s say you wanted to send a fax to Zintel Communications at 61 2 8212 8106. Simply address the email to [email protected], attach your documents and click send. Your fax will be sent from eFax® using your account information for replies. We’ll also send you a delivery confirmation email so you know the fax has been successfully sent.

Using Email to Receive Faxes

One of the best features of eFax® is the ability to receive faxes via email. Any fax sent to your personal fax number will be transformed into an attachment and sent directly to your inbox for your review. You can forward these attachments, save them to your computer, or print them at any time. Additionally, you could forward these faxes to another fax number using the send feature described above. This allows you to manage all your fax sending and receiving operations from your inbox.

Sending and Receiving Faxes On The Go

When you’re traveling, it’s difficult to fit a fax machine in your briefcase. However, eFax® has provided an option that goes wherever you have internet access. Faxing via email allows you to send and receive faxes from your web enabled phone, tablet, laptop, or any other computer with internet access. This is a great feature for anyone that finds their office is on the road or in an airport terminal. Even if you do have a regular office, faxing via email from your smart phone can give you additional flexibility as you try to accomplish more between meetings.

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