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5 Ways eFax Helps Savvy Real Estate Reps Save Time


5 Ways eFax Helps Savvy Real Estate Reps Save Time

At first glance, it would seem puzzling that in the age of 4G broadband and mobile apps we are still talking about the humble fax. But a closer look shows that those who think the fax is outmoded are confusing the machine with the concept.

Fax is simply an abbreviation of the term ‘facsimile’, or exact copy, of a document. So this copying and exchange of information – faxing – is still as vital as ever, and that’s the process that eFax has streamlined by introducing the internet into the equation. Here’s how eFax helps savvy real estate reps save time.

From phone lines to mobile apps


1. Fax by email

In the early days of the fax machine, you were never sure if your fax was going to make it through or not. Anxious minutes were spent listening and watching to see if a connection was made. Setting up Fax-to-Email is easy with eFax. As long as you have an email account you can attach a PDF or TIFF file to an email, type the fax number into the address, and hit send.

2. Going mobile

The eFax Mobile App puts a fax machine in your pocket. All you do is take a photo of the document you want to send and choose the recipient. You can add a cover sheet and a subject line, just like the old paper fax. It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you have your phone and the eFax app you can get those documents sent, or received.

3. Size doesn’t matter

If you want to send hi-res images or you have a promotional video you want to share and it’s too large for email, you can still send it via eFax. That’s because eFax can also use an internet connection. You can send a file to up to 20 people at a time by uploading the file and sending them a link to download it.

4. Digitised signature

The issue of signature verification is one that still hangs over any online transaction. With eFax’s digitised signature, you can be sure that the client knows it’s you at the other end. You just drag your digitised signature onto the document you want to send.

5. Archiving

If you want to check with a traditional fax machine whether an item has got through or not, you have to consult a paper pile of sent faxes – not easy to do when you’re out of the office. Rather than have to go back in, eFax’s lifetime storage feature will store and retrieve the faxes you send, so you can check what’s gone out.

Making better use of your time

Being a real estate rep is hard work, and often means juggling many different tasks or deadlines at one. Putting the power of a fax machine in your laptop or mobile phone means you can save time and streamline the process of keeping on top of paperwork.

With eFax you can send large files from an email account, send and receive faxes online, or send a fax from your smartphone while you’re on the road, cutting the ties that used to bind you to the office.

For information on how adopting our Internet fax services can benefit your small business, try eFax® today.

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