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Ways Online Fax Improves Business Performance

Ways Online Fax Improves Business Performance


Embracing online fax is one of the best ways to improve business performance. Since 1996, thousands of Australian businesses have embraced online fax, as it is cheaper, quicker and more secure than traditional fax.

In this article, we will explain what online fax is, what its benefits are and which industries gain the most from online fax.

What is Online Faxing?

Online fax (sometimes called ‘internet fax’ or ‘e-Fax’) is a form of fax where businesses can send and receive faxes through a computer, smartphone or tablet. Like traditional fax machines, online fax works by assigning a fax number to each fax machine. Then, businesses send and receive faxes using: p

  • An online fax provider’s website.

  • Software.

  • Email.

  • Mobile and tablet apps.

Unlike traditional fax machines, online faxes are not printed onto paper. Instead, they are received as either TIFF files, PDF files or EFX files. Once an online fax is sent or received, the fax is stored either locally or in the cloud.

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Fax vs. Online Fax

While online fax may seem very similar to traditional fax, there are four major differences between the two technologies.

  • Online faxes can be sent from any device, while traditional faxes can only be sent from a single fax machine.

  • Online faxes are stored digitally, while traditional faxes are printed and filed when received.

  • Online fax requires only a fax provider and a fax number, while physical fax machines require a machine, toner, ink and paper.

  • Physical fax machines also require ongoing maintenance.

  • Online faxes can send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously, while traditional fax machines process one fax at a time.

Online Fax benefits

Online fax allows you to reach more people than traditional fax, as 95.4% of Australian businesses have internet access while there are only 29.37 fax machines for every 1,000 people. Online fax also has the ability to:

Increase productivity

The more productive your workplace is, the better your business performance. In productive workplaces, employees get more work done in less time and produce a better quality of work. Online fax improves workplace productivity by reducing:

  • The amount of idle time employees spend waiting to send and receive faxes.

  • The number of fax errors and lost faxes.

  • The amount of time spent fixing paper jams, broken fax machines or performing routine machine maintenance.

  • The amount of time spent sending and receiving large faxes, as online faxes compress the file size of large faxes.

Enhance work performance through secure faxes

Online fax is far more secure than traditional fax. A traditional fax machine simply prints the fax when it is received, allowing anyone within reach of the machine to intercept the fax. To avoid this, online faxes use end-to-end encryption to ensure faxes are only accessible to the sender and recipient. Online faxes are also stored digitally, ensuring access to faxes is limited to approved people.

Online faxes can also be sent and received anywhere, meaning you do not need to be in the office to ensure you can send and receive faxes.

Improve work efficiency

Online faxes improve workplace efficiency long term, as they are designed to increase the functionality of traditional fax machines. They do this by:

  • Allowing businesses to send the same fax to multiple recipients.

  • Storing all faxes either locally or in the cloud, reducing the need for fax filing and making it faster to locate old faxes.

  • Allowing businesses to send multiple documents in a single fax.

  • Allowing employees to sign legally-binding documents electronically, rather than signing a physical document and sending it back.

Reduce fax costs

The cost of sending physical faxes can turn a fax machine into a tax machine. While physical fax machines need toner, ink, paper, maintenance and repairs, online fax operates with just a fax provider and a fax number.

Businesses are also able to embrace online fax without a costly machine, as online faxes can be sent from any smartphone, computer or tablet. A single online fax number can also do the work of multiple physical machines, as several online faxes can be sent and received simultaneously. This removes the need for multiple machines per office.

Best industries for Online Fax

Although every Australian business can benefit from online fax, here are five industries who can embrace change when switching to online fax.

Healthcare & Pharmacy

Healthcare professionals send and receive large amounts of confidential documents, from prescriptions to referrals to test results. According to the 1988 Privacy Act, this data must be protected at all times.

For healthcare and pharmacy-based organisations, online fax allows them to protect customer privacy while sending and receiving faxes, as well as:

  • Avoid delays caused by paper jams, machine errors and busy signals.

  • Keep their fax machine online 24/7 without the need for maintenance.

A study published in the Australian Journal of General Practice also found that 53% of healthcare professionals surveyed use fax as their primary method of sending letters, making online fax compatible with existing communication infrastructure within the industry.

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Like healthcare organisations, manufacturing businesses frequently rely on sending large volumes of paperwork between multiple parties. For GMP-certified businesses, these documents must be stored for a period ranging from months to years.

Online fax allows manufacturing businesses to send, receive and store faxes instantly, removing the need to spend large amounts of time on filing and sorting documents. Online fax also removes the need for physical storage, reducing the cost of office space.

Construction & Mining

Construction and mining businesses frequently work on several sites without any secure office space. These sites are not suitable places for fax machines, as conditions can be dirty, dangerous and prone to unpredictable weather. Businesses in isolated areas may also have trouble getting the phone line coverage to run a fax machine.

As online fax is internet-based, it allows construction and mining businesses to:

  • Send and receive faxes over the internet, despite phone line coverage.

  • Store documents in a secure, off-site location.

  • Fax without a traditional fax machine.

  • Send faxes from multiple work sites with a single online fax number.

For businesses outside these industries, online fax is still an essential technology, as it increases work efficiency by removing that clunky fax machine from the office.

Get online fax with eFax

If you’re looking for an online fax provider you can trust, look no further than eFax. eFax is Australia’s leading online fax service, with over 11 million happy customers worldwide.

eFax uses SSL-encryption to ensure your faxes aren’t intercepted in transit and 128-bit encryption to ensure your faxes are stored safely. eFax customers also have access to 400 free fax pages every month, lifetime storage and a fax number from 4,700 cities around the world.

eFax is NBN™ compatible, making it future proof for incoming technology. With eFax, you’ll be able to smoothly transition to NBN™, as eFax allows you to keep using your existing number from day one. eFax’s online fax services require no hardware, meaning they can be instantly and seamlessly deployed into any business. For a provider that gives Australian businesses a secure and reliable online fax solution, look no further than eFax.

To see what eFax can do for your business, start a 30-day free trial or call 1800 283 361.

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