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A Guide to Online Faxing


A Guide to Online Faxing

Online faxing is extremely popular with businesses everywhere. It’s not hard to see why. An online faxing system allows flexibility, security and responsive communication. Here’s some of the main features and processes you need to know about in our handy guide to online faxing.

How online faxing works

Online faxing means you can send faxes with any device connected to the internet – your laptop, desktop or tablet. There are also smartphone apps you can install, such as the eFax Mobile App. You can log in at any time and send a fax from anywhere. You can also check incoming faxes anywhere, anytime. These are sent to your nominated email address as a PDF or TIF attachment.

Features that improve your business

Internet faxes offer reliability and mobility. You’re not chained to a location as with a physical fax machine. Nor are you dependent on the whims of a phone connection or resources like paper and toner and cartridges. Not to mention the unwieldy cost of maintaining and repairing the fax machine. So there are considerable savings to any business by eliminating the physical fax machine.

The fact that you can access and send faxes anywhere and anytime means your business has rapid response. It also allows you to continue other work as your fax is sent, not like the arduous trips over to the fax machine and waiting for the documents to be sent through. In fact, your internet fax will go through as quickly as an email.

File sharing capability

Apart from the obvious benefits of virtual fax sending, internet faxes have other features such as online file storage and file sharing. This means you can use your online fax account as a kind of a cloud system. Say you have very large files or slideshows you want to share, but they are too big or too many to be sent easily via email. With online faxing provided by eFax, you can upload the files to the cloud, and send chosen recipients a password to a link where they can log in and download the file. eFax accounts also allow you to keep track of every single fax you’ve ever sent. This means having an extensive archive right at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Customised cover sheets and signatures

Another feature is customised cover sheets that you can create and then re-use whenever you want. You can also create an e-signature by signing and then scanning.

Once you’ve uploaded your signature to your fax account, it can be instantly used for all documents that require a signature. This virtual system saves a vast amount of time as you’re no longer having to duplicate activities every time you send a fax.

Security of data

Online faxes are far more secure than the old school physical kind. Consider how easy it was for loose documents to be left in fax machines. With online fax systems, data is sent and stored securely.

Choose the right provider

As fantastic as internet faxing is, make sure you’re with a provider who offers a service tailored to your needs and volume of traffic. At eFax, we offer security, reliability and flexibility as well as a competitive price.

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