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Mobile Fax Solutions Allow Businesses to be More Mobile

Mobile Fax Solutions Allow Businesses to be More Mobile

With advanced technologies becoming more common this has resulted in the environment of the common work place changing. Today, any of your employees with a smartphone or tablet can use that device as a tool for your business. Mobile credit card processing turns phones and tablets into register terminals. Pictures and videos can be captured and shared from around the globe using only a smart phone. Mobile faxing even allows businesses to send and receive faxes from their web enabled smartphone. These technologies continue to change the face of business around the world.

The major innovation that has changed the way we use our phones is the creation of mobile apps. Phones have become pocket computers with operating systems and optional software that can expand their capabilities. This can make choosing a phone as complicated as buying a computer. However, it also opens the door to innovative software that changes the way you use your phone.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

There is a world of apps and card readers available to transform any smartphone or tablet into a register for your business. Using the right hardware and apps, employees or volunteers can even use their personal smartphones to collect payments or donations for your organization. These devices have sprung up at yard sales and farmer’s markets around the globe allowing anyone to process credit card payments. This new application of existing technologies has changed the way, and the places, people use credit cards.

Pictures & Video

Now that smartphones and tablets are so commonplace, anything can be caught on camera at any time. While this may concern some people, it’s good news for your business. You can now join a conference meeting half way around the world using video chat with your smartphone. Many banks even allow you to submit deposits by photographing checks and sending the images to your bank. From meetings to banking, pictures and video on a smartphone are changing the way we do business. It’s now possible for anyone in your company to snap a picture of a product and send it to your marketing department or publish it on your website.

Mobile Faxing

That same smartphone or tablet is also a mobile fax solution. The camera can be used to photograph physical documents and send them via fax anywhere in the world. Additionally, faxes that are received can be delivered as email attachments. Services like eFax® help your business become more mobile, through innovations such as the mobile fax app, in order to help you keep up with changing business trends.

30-Day Free Trial

Add one more feature to your smartphone or tablet with eFax®. You can cancel at any time and there are no strings attached. Simply try the service for 30 days and we’re sure you’ll love it.

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