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6 Ways Hotels and Motels can Leverage Digital Technology


6 Ways Hotels and Motels can Leverage Digital Technology

These days, even the most out-of-the-way motel or hotel can present its charms to an international clientele if it has a website.

But a website is only the first step in leveraging digital technology. Online bookings have also become the norm, thanks to hundreds of websites and apps that look to connect guests with accommodation.

From advertising to the virtual fax and online booking


Here are six ways that hotels and motels can use digital technology to help boost bookings, and run more efficiently.

1. Take a trip online

The idea of taking potluck with accommodation while on holiday or business is a thing of the pre-digital past. Where once they would need to rely on the recommendation of friends or colleagues, potential guests can now take a virtual tour of the rooms and facilities that a hotel offers. Places that don’t have a website with a virtual tour are going to fall behind those that do, since customers will likely prefer the hotel they have already viewed online.

2. The virtual fax number

By choosing a toll free virtual fax number from eFax, your accommodation service is getting access to the features that come along with it. These include faxing from your email account, the ability to fax from a smartphone with the eFax Mobile App, and the capacity to send large files that are too big for email (up to 1GB). The virtual fax number frees your business from the tyranny of the phone line.

3. Placing a booking

Allowing guests to fill out the booking form or make payment online helps to cut down the amount of work you need to do. It also provides a level of convenience for guests, who can book anytime they want, without the interaction of hotel staff.

4. Mobility – sending information on the move

Customers often request information when hotel staff are away from the main computer at reception. Say the request is for a digital brochure – it’s possible to fax it to customers by attaching it as a PDF or TIFF file to an email and sending that from a mobile phone. Don’t have the brochure scanned in? Take a photo with your phone, attach it and send it on the spot.

5. Secure Faxing

Security was always a risk with the old fax machines. Documents could be left on the fax, or considered sent when actually they had not got through. With eFax’s security feature, faxes are SSl-encrypted and stored online using 128-bit encryption.

6. Archiving

Lifetime storage is a valuable feature offered by eFax. You can store all your faxes online and you can search through and retrieve any one of them via your computer. That means nothing is going to slip behind the fax machine any more, and you will have a record of bookings or other business-critical information readily to hand.

Technology to make life easier

Leveraging digital technology, such as a website, online booking app and virtual fax services, can help streamline your business operations, and appeal to potential guests. The more convenient you make the booking process, the easier it is for guests to make the decision to stay with you.

Add one more feature to your smartphone or tablet eFax®. You can cancel at any time and there are no strings attached. Simply try the service for 30 days and we’re sure you’ll love it.

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