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Paperless Fax Solutions

Internet Fax Helps Get You Closer To a Paperless Office

Paperless Fax Solutions

From their very beginning, computers have held out the promise of a paperless office. Electronic reports should have replaced packets and email should have replaced printed memos a decade ago. The paradox is that paperwork grew as more work was handled electronically.

The great news is that the internet and mobile technology have brought the possibility of a paperless office closer than it has ever been. Now people can take their mobile devices nearly anywhere that paper can go and screen resolution allows documents to be read just as comfortably as if they had been printed.

The fax machine remains a staunch consumer of paper, however. It takes paper to send, receive, and confirm transmissions. Now there is a way to conserve paper, ink, and time with an online fax service that helps the environment as it helps your bottom line.

Here are 4 ways an internet fax can contribute to creating the paperless office you have dreamed of for so long:

  1. Print only what you need when you need it. – There is no need to recycle all those unsolicited faxes for lunch specials any longer. Set your eFax® to receive faxes and delete unwanted or unreadable faxes. Documents can be saved on the desktop and faxed out as an attachment. There will be no more surprises in the print formatting because they won’t need to be printed. Make any adjustments to the fax before you send it. No more cover sheets or scraps of transmission confirmations either. All time-stamped confirmations can arrive by email as well.
  2. 5 email addresses – Share your internet fax capabilities with up to four other team members so you can share documents and have others send and receive faxes as well.
  3. Lifetime storage – Don’t clutter your office with boxes of faxes that need to be shredded and use up your highly valuable office space. All your faxes are saved in our secure databases. Find them anytime you need them by searchable keywords.
  4. Digitized signatures – The latest innovation from eFax® is a way to acknowledge and approve documents with a digital signature technology. Simply drag and drop your signature to move a document forward.

When you choose to send your critical communications through eFax®, you have chosen the #1 Internet fax service provider in the world. We currently serve more than 11 million subscribers in 46 countries. There is no reason to speculate about whether online fax service is right for your company. Try it now for 30 days absolutely free and start measuring the savings in time, convenience, and improvements to your bottom line.

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