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Receive Faxes by Email

Receive Faxes Online Quickly and Easily

Receive Faxes by Email

Unlike a traditional fax machine with a dedicated line, internet fax services such as eFax® provide you with unlimited online storage. This makes it very easy to receive faxes, organize them, and access them from anywhere in the world. Also, by moving your fax machine into the cloud, you don’t need a dedicated fax line and your fax machine is always receiving.

Keep your Faxes Organized when you Receive Faxes in the Cloud

With a traditional fax machine and dedicated line, your faxes are received at a single location and often require some form of physical storage. This makes them location specific and difficult to access when you are away from your office. However, faxes received online can be organized and stored in the cloud. This allows anyone in your company to access the whole archive of received faxes at any time and from any computer in the world. You can review an important fax on your laptop over coffee, you could impress a client by faxing an estimate from the cab after your meeting, or you could forward an important fax to a co-worker for follow up in the morning.

Access your Received Faxes from Around the World

By moving your received faxes into the cloud you open up your business to new opportunities. Reducing the amount of paper files and creating digital archives can free up building real estate to allow for additional office space. Additionally, when these files are moved to the cloud, your company can begin to consider telework opportunities. This can have a significant effect on your bottom line as more and more employees move away from the labor of sorting physical documents. Employees are able to focus on sales, marketing, and other business needs when your fax machine is moved into the cloud.

Your Fax Machine is Always Receiving When it’s in the Cloud

When your fax machine is part of the cloud it is always on and ready to receive faxes from your customers and clients. Once this is in place, organizing and storing your received faxes in the cloud with unlimited online storage only make sense. This allows your company to receive and review your whole archive of faxes from anywhere in the world. By removing the need to physically access your faxes in a single location, your business is free to focus its resources and energy on more productive business endeavors.

It’s easy to get more information on sending and receiving online faxes. Simply sign up eFax® today. You can try our internet fax services and discover all the benefits for yourself.

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