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Vets: on nbn, your fax machine will give you the Shih Tzu

Vets: on nbn™, your fax machine will give you the Shih Tzu

The entire medical field has relied on fax communication for decades – for both human and pet patients alike. Whether you’re running a city veterinary hospital or a rural mobile vet service the chances are you rely on fax for your daily operations. Lab results, radiology reports, and medication orders are just the beginning.

And while it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns (what, with the paper jams, busy signals, missing pages and constant cartridsge replacements), your fax machine has been – for the most part – a loyal pal to your business.

But that’s all about to change.

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Traditional fax on the nbn™ will send you barking mad

Unfortunately, while the nbn™ rollout should make your internet faster, it will also turn your traditional fax machine into a dinosaur.

When you get nbn™, your phone line will become digital, and because your traditional fax machine is purely analog, it will simply stop working.

You may be able to find a workaround, such as an adapter or a VoIP provider. But you may not. And even if you do, it’ll probably only work sometimes; other times it’ll drive you up the wall. That’s wasted time – time that you need to spend giving medical care to furry friends instead.

Online fax works perfectly with nbn™

The good news is: online fax works with nbn™ because it doesn’t require a physical machine to plug into your line. It works just like email does.

So, by moving to online fax, you’ll be able to focus on your core business –  looking after animals’ health.

What is online faxing?

Online faxing (aka ‘digital faxing’) is a way of sending and receiving faxes via the internet, without the use (or inconvenience) of a traditional fax machine.

You still have a normal fax number and you can even keep your existing fax number (which is an essential part of your business identity). Everyone can still exchange faxes with you just as they do now. The only difference is that, instead of using a fax machine to send and receive faxes, you use your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. In fact, online fax systems feel instantly familiar, because the process is very similar to sending an email.

With just an internet connection and an online fax account, you’re all set to start.

Online fax for your animal hospital

With online fax, you don’t need any special equipment, and definitely no fax machine. (You don’t need an email machine, so why would you need a fax machine?!) You can just use the computers or tablets you already own.

When you need to exchange vaccination records or surgical histories with other vet clinics when a patient moves house, you can simply send and receive digital files via online fax in a few clicks. No drama, llama.

So, as a minimum, your receptionist will be delighted to get rid of the clunky fax machine off the desk, and never have to change fax toner cartridges ever again!

Better still, the pets who are already on edge in your waiting room won’t be bothered by those annoying high-pitched beeping noises that the fax machine makes every time you send and receive a file. It all happens silently, just like email, so the pooches will be happy.

Paperless faxing in your vet clinic

Perhaps you’ve been considering going completely paperless for a while. After all, going paperless is better for the environment (and the animals). But when you rely on paper faxes, medical documents and patient information forms, a paperless clinic might seem like a difficult itch to scratch.

Luckily, with online fax, it’s easy to eradicate paper faxes from your clinic.

Online fax files come in digitally, just like an email attachment, and your receptionist can save the document to the patient’s medical record in a few clicks.

Naturally, this makes your day-to-day much easier too. For example, when you need to see radiology reports or lab results while you’re consulting with a patient and their owner, you won’t need to look up a cumbersome paper file. All the patient’s medical history and test results can be saved in their digital medical record, which is at your fingertips while they’re on the examination table.

What’s more, it’s easy to keep digital records for a long time, even for patients who are inactive at your clinic. In fact, every fax you send or receive stays securely backed up on the online fax server, forever.

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Most online fax providers offer unlimited storage, and because they’re not taking up any physical space with paper filing, there’s no reason to purge digital records.

The files can simply stay dormant in the digital database for “just in case” without a second thought. Moreover, the digital files are searchable, in case you ever need to find a specific record.

Benefits of online fax for livestock vets

If you visit farms to treat and vaccinate animals, this is where online fax really shines.

Out in the field, online fax is like a fax machine in your pocket. Like a trusty steed who goes wherever you need to go.

This means you can send and receive faxes about blood test results, vaccination records and medication prescriptions, from anywhere. All you need is a mobile data connection, plus a device of your choice – either your laptop, tablet or phone. No need to wait until you’re back at your practice to access critical information – it’s available at your fingertips.

Online fax is private and secure

Okay, so obviously your furry friend doesn’t care about its digital privacy, but hear us out on this one.

You’re mostly collating medical information about pets, which isn’t a privacy concern like it is for humans. But you’re also collecting and transmitting personal data about your patients’ owners, and that is worth protecting. Name, address, contact details, payment information, and the name of their beloved pet, which is often a security question that can be used by hackers for identity theft.

With online fax, you and your customers will benefit from rock-solid data security.

Online fax data is protected by TLS version 1.2, which is currently the most up-to-date security protocol available. Data is encrypted using a combination of private and public keys, so it’s unreadable by outside parties who don’t have the right keys to decipher it.

In other words, your customers’ information is safe with online fax. Even if their kitty doesn’t care.

Online fax is significantly cheaper than traditional fax

When compared to traditional fax, online fax is a lot cheaper. More than $600/yr cheaper on average.

You don’t have to pay for the machine itself, toner, paper, or maintenance. Instead, for a low monthly fee, you get all the benefits of online fax: the compatibility with the nbn™ network, the convenience of a paperless system, and the freedom to send and receive faxes from anywhere.

Ensure you keep your existing fax number

If you want to keep your fax number when you get the nbn™, you have to act fast.

The problem is, to keep your number, your provider has to physically port it across to an entirely different infrastructure. This will take 6-12 weeks (no matter which online fax provider you choose), and if your nbn™ arrives in the meantime, your old number will be disconnected at the exchange. IMPORTANT: This will happen even if the port is already underway.

To get your fax number back, you’ll need to apply to have it physically reconnected.

This takes time, and you could potentially even have your fax number taken by someone else in the meantime.

To avoid utter disappointment:

Check the estimated date for when the nbn™ network is planned to be available at your address, and get online fax set up well in advance.

Still have questions?

As you can see, your veterinary practice will certainly benefit from moving to an online fax service such as eFax. But if you have any questions about how it can work best for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1800 283 361 so we can answer them for you.

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