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Secure your confidential fax transmissions

The fax solution that meets and exceeds strict data security and compliance standards

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The facts about fax

Risk Mitigate
Risk Mitigate
  • Data breaches – Fero trust security requires sophisticated technologies to prevent data breaches not just in transmission but also at rest.
  • Workflow – The largest risk of confidentiality or data security breaches happen in-between workflows.
  • Process failure – Multiple access points, applications, and work streams can mean higher chance of process failure at some point. This risk is only further increased with changes to workplace dynamics.

Why Choose

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  • Compliance – Meet and exceed the compliance requirements of highly regulated industries and governments world-wide.
  • Governance -Access to powerful controls to apply, monitor and enforce the strictest data protection rules to any workforce environment, anywhere.
  • Technology – eFax gives businesses access to the state-of-the-art cryptographic encryption protocols for secure data transmissions on and off network.

Battle-tested resilience in data protection
in any fax ecosystem

Cloud faxing with eFax Corporate brings the confidence of knowing your entire organisation is protected using world-class technology, further hardened by a platform that enables ultimate compliance by anyone who uses fax.

Secure Anywhere

Regardless of device, application or location



Control at every level and every user


Automate adherence

Rules based routing and automation


Secure Faxing by Email

Sending faxes by email securely using TLS


Ultimate Redundancy

Fax without a fax machine or complex modems


Audit Trails

Complete digital tracking, clear audit trails and use of secure ID’s


Digital documents, compliance and the cloud

Learn how to ensure your organisation’s digital document transmissions and storage meet the demands of data privacy regulators.

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eFax in action

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“It is very reliable and secure. Easy to receive faxes via email, so no need to wait by a fax machine to receive sensitive documents.”
Cher K.
Contracts Admin, Computer hardware, 501-1000 employees

Learn how eFax can help you deliver the outcomes traditional fax simply can’t

Retire Legacy Fax Infrastructure

The best opportunity to retire your fax IT footprint, achieve cost reductions and free up critical IT overheads

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Improve Compliance

Boost data security standards, achieve compliance and tighten much-needed fax governance in a disrupted workplace

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Consolidate Fax

Centralise fax admin across the entire organisation with powerful management controls for all your fax admin needs

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Solutions to the rescue

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Recommended For

  • Individuals & teams
  • Small businesses
  • Low volume faxing

What’s Important

  • Faxing on the go
  • Convenience of faxing via email
  • Lower cost faxing
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Recommended For

  • SMB & large enterprise
  • Heavily regulated industries
  • High volume faxing

What’s Important

  • Centralised fax management
  • Compliance & security
  • Advanced API integration
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Keep your fax numbers

Or select new ones—your choice of local, toll-free or international.

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Dedicated account managers

Your eFax account manager will help you at every step.

Let’s Get Started

Want to learn about why industry leaders around the world trust eFax as their cloud fax provider? If you’re ready to leverage the power of the cloud fax to transform your operations, let’s talk.