Internet Fax is the Virtual Solution

Internet Fax is the Virtual Solution Designed to Take Advantage of the New Virtual Office

Welcome to Generation M for Mobile. The existing workforce is on the move and taking their work with them on laptops, tablets and smartphones. A series of recent surveys of workers in Australia and the UK by OnePole and Pure Profile revealed some surprising findings about just how mobile our workplace has become:

  • Almost 50 percent of employees reported that they regularly use their smartphones in the office. Because of the flood of apps on the market and accelerating improvements in smartphone processing power, some phones are more powerful than desktop PCs. Add in enterprise level software deployed over the cloud and a smartphone becomes a virtual office by itself.
  • Over 80 percent of Australian office workers are now depending on their laptops as their main computer even while they are in the office. It is a waste of time for employees to transfer files back and forth so it makes sense to save everything either on the server or on the laptop hard drive. Saving files on the server or on their laptop enables employees to do more business or take their work home with them.
  • Just over half of Australian employees take their work away from the office at least once every fortnight. Of that group, 12 percent do their jobs on the road every day.


Part of this mobile work culture comes from that fact that businesses want to reduce their operating expenses by working with contractors and virtual assistants. Another factor that weighs heavily is that customers are mobile and businesses have to adapt to their lifestyles or risk losing market share.

Companies that have embraced the efficiency of a mobile office might also consider cloud based apps to further increase the power of their mobile devices. One technology that maximises the effectiveness of mobile devices is an Internet fax service through email. Now mobile workers can send and receive faxes during sales calls, provide legal paperwork and RFP's during supplier meetings, fax out image-rich files that are too big for email, and build alerts that notify them when important faxes arrive in their inboxes. Turning an employee's smartphone into a mobile office also makes it easier to serve prospective clients in new cities or regions of the country with a local fax number anywhere in Australia.

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