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Easily sign and send faxes instantly

All the convenience, simplicity and productivity of email, with the enterprise-grade security and compliance built-in. Meet eFax.

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Hello eFax!

Fax by Email

Fax by Email from anywhere

Empower your employees to fax from anywhere — and take another step toward a paperless office — by sending, receiving and storing faxes digitally, by email and over the web.

  • Works with all email platforms such as Outlook, POP3, IMAP, Gmail, iCloud etc.
  • If you can email, you can fax – any device, browser or application
  • Fax over 200+ file types as attachments for ultimate compatibility
Fax by Email
Fax by Email
Fax by Email
Fax by Email
Fax by Email

Our Benefits


  • Send faxes as attachments
  • Send to any local or international fax number
  • Send faxes to any type of fax device – fax machine, cloud fax, fax server etc.


  • Receive faxes to your fax number via email as an attachment
  • Receive faxes sent from any fax device or technology
  • Receive faxes anywhere via email


  • Send and receive faxes privately straight to your email
  • Highest standards in security with TLS encryption in transit*
  • Secure storage in 256-bit AES encryption*

Powerfully capable

Fax by Email

Enable remote working
with faxing from email

True paperless faxing is now possible anywhere with Australia’s leading fax to email service, efax Corporate. Easily receive faxes to email and send faxes via email – eliminating time spent printing, scanning and waiting for a fax machine.

Fax by Email

A real fax number
that’s never busy

With eFax, you have a real fax number that’s always online on the cloud so it’s always ready wherever you are. It’s never busy and always ready meaning you can send multiple faxes simultaneously without the waiting, never miss a fax when you’re not near the fax machine and never have to deal with fax machine maintenance. Unlike traditional fax numbers, your eFax fax number doesn’t need a dedicated fax line, a fax machine or require you to pay monthly line rental charges. It’s linked to your email address/s so you can send and receive faxes via email.

Fax by Email

Enable everyone in your organisation to fax

eFax Domain* Send feature allows anyone, anywhere in your organisation to send outbound faxes from their corporate email address even if they don’t have an eFax number or account. IT Admins have complete control over all aspects of the organisational faxing process with whitelists, audit trails, TLS encryption and secure ID tracking to ensure faxing is still compliant and secure.

Fax by Email

Sending a fax via email

Using eFax, simply address an email to [email protected] and attach the documents, type a cover message if you wish, then press ‘send’. Your fax will be sent from eFax using your account information for replies. You will also be sent a delivery confirmation email so you know that your fax has arrived safely.

Fax by Email

Receiving a fax via email

Any fax sent to your personal fax number will be transformed into an attachment and sent directly to your inbox for review. You can forward these attachments, save them to your computer or print them out. So you can manage all your fax sending and receiving operations from your inbox.

Download the eFax Corporate mobile app

Our eFax Corporate Mobile App puts the power of a fax machine right on your phone or tablet. Send and receive faxes anywhere on the go with the eFax Corporate Mobile App and your eFax account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Faxes sent to your eFax number travel across the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). eFax Corporate converts the fax to your choice of a PDF or TIFF file, attaches it to an email and forwards it directly to the employee’s email inbox.

Faxes can be sent directly from your email inbox. If you don’t have email access, you can also send a fax by logging in to your account.

  • Create a new email.
  • Enter the fax number in the email address field followed by @efaxsendeu.eu. For example: [email protected]
  • Attach the documents to be faxed by selecting insert from the File menu. They will be faxed in the order they were attached.
  • Click to send the email. You will receive a confirmation email when the fax has been delivered.

Yes. eFax Corporate’s cloud fax solutions can enable the highest levels of encryption for both your inbound and outbound faxes. For sending and receiving secure faxes over eFax Corporate’s secure network, our solution can enable the most advanced encryption standard available today, TLS (Transport Security Layer) 1.2.

Yes, and this is one of the many productivity-boosting benefits of the eFax Corporate business fax solution. It frees your employees from having to stand at a fax machine to redial a busy fax number.

With eFax Corporate, your staff can send a digital fax either by email or through the secure eFax Corporate online portal, and if the recipient’s number is busy, the system will automatically re-dial until it can successfully connect and transmit your fax.

The eFax Corporate default setting will retry a busy fax number five times, spaced across increasing delays between each redial attempt. In the case of a “human answered” error — in which the recipient’s fax number is also a phone number and answered accidentally by a person or voicemail — eFax Corporate will attempt just a single re-send.

You will also be able to tailor these settings to meet your business’s needs.

eFax Corporate and eFax Secure™, create a Secure ID (via your email address) for each of your employees who need secure fax capabilities. Each Secure ID is available with AES 256-bit and TLS which are the ideal solutions to protect your business’s most sensitive and regulatory compliant fax documents. eFax Secure offers a highly encrypted, email-driven process for sending and receiving faxes over the Internet—and continues to protect your fax data at rest 24/7 in our highly secure, Telco-grade data centers.

You can assign up to 5 email addresses per DID

When you receive a fax through your eFax Secure account, the service automatically and immediately encrypts the fax — using 256-bit encryption — and stores it securely in your eFax account online while notifying you (via email) that the fax is available.
Included in this email notification is a URL. When you click on the link, a Transport Layer Security (TLS) connection is made and you will be prompted for your eFax Secure credentials (login ID and PIN) to view the fax. eFax Corporate has upgraded from SSL encryption to the newer and even more secure TLS encryption protocol.
No sensitive information is ever directly transmitted, as the fax remains on our server – you view it from there. Additionally, the fax can remain encrypted and securely stored as long as you need it, reducing strain on your local email servers and storage devices.

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Fax by Email

Keep your fax numbers

Or select new ones—your choice of local, toll-free or international.

Fax by Email

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