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Fax from Cloud Storage

Your eFax Corporate cloud faxing service also lets your team easily and effortlessly fax attachments directly from many of the most popular cloud storage apps — including DropBox, Google Drive and Apple’s iCloud.

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Hello eFax!

Fax from cloud storage

Send faxes online from your favourite cloud storage apps

Do you ever need to send a fax while on the go, but find that you don’t have the document stored on your smartphone? No problem! We’ve got you covered – with the ability to Fax from Cloud Storage applications.

eFax is integrated with cloud storage services like Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive – so you can quickly grab files from the cloud, attach them to your fax, and hit Send.
Attach files to your faxes with these apps and more.

Fax from cloud storage
Fax from cloud storage
Fax from cloud storage
Fax from cloud storage

Our Benefits

Improve accessibility

  • Access and send over 200+ file types
  • Ability to access documents on cloud storage apps and fax seamlessly remotely
  • Empower remote workers to stay connected from anywhere

Boost productivity

  • Grab, attach and send a fax – it’s that easy
  • Improve and streamline workflows without the cumbersome processes of legacy systems
  • Time saving feature to cut lost time

Transform experience

  • Speed up customer and supplier response times
  • Improve employee experience
  • Supports cloud first strategy and aligning with digital transformation goals

Powerfully capable

Fax from cloud storage

Fax from cloud storage

The ability to fax from cloud storage, can help increase business productivity and mobility, saves time and ultimately reduces your overhead costs.
When you deploy our cloud fax solution, your employees will be able to send and receive faxes online — by email, through an intuitive online portal, or even from their mobile devices. And with our free fax from cloud storage feature, your employees can even pull files to attach to their faxes straight from most standard storage apps like Dropbox, Box and iCloud.

Fax from cloud storage

Boost your employees productivity

With eFax Corporate’s fax from cloud storage feature, your employees will always be able to quickly send an important fax, on the go, and even if the fax requires an attachment.
What often delays a business’s ability to respond quickly to an important fax is that the employee does not have immediate access to the attachment they need to include with that outbound fax — a standard NDA or SOW agreement to get a new partnership or project going, for example.

Fax from cloud storage

Save time and money

Consider how much time and money your company will save when your employees no longer have to get up and leave a meeting to pick up a copy of your marketing brochure or fee schedule or client reference list, so they can fax it to a prospect who has requested it. With the fax from cloud storage service included with your eFax Corporate account, you’ll empower your employees to fax documents immediately from wherever they are — in a meeting, at a ballgame or on the road visiting prospects.

Fax from cloud storage

Improve responsiveness to prospects and clients

Another benefit of the ability to fax from the cloud is that it will help your team speed their response time to important requests from prospects or clients — requests for faxed copies of your brochure, sales proposal, NDA or pricing schedule, for example. As soon as they receive the request, your employees can create a new fax— at our online portal, by opening a standard email or straight from their phone’s eFax Mobile App — and then attach the file from Dropbox or other storage service. The whole process will take just seconds and can be completed anywhere.

Fax from cloud storage

Fax nearly any file format from cloud storage

If you’re wondering what types of files you can send through eFax Corporate, the answer is: Virtually every file format you can think of. eFax Corporate supports faxing through the cloud with nearly 200 file types, including:

  • MS Office files (such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Adobe Files (such as PDF, Photoshop)
  • Images (such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG)
  • Email or web files (such as HTML, Rich Text, Plain Text)
  • And dozens more!

Download the eFax Corporate mobile app

Our eFax Corporate Mobile App puts the power of a fax machine right on your phone or tablet. Send and receive faxes anywhere on the go with the eFax Corporate Mobile App and your eFax account.

Frequently Asked Questions

With eFax Corporate you can send any type of document from NDA’s, agreements, marketing collateral etc.

Yes. With cloud storage send capability, you can keep your files in external cloud apps that your organisation uses to centralise document storage and management and then easily fax them from your computer or straight from eFax Mobile App. It’s as easy as adding an email attachment.

Yes. You still get all the enterprise grade security, compliance and privacy benefits when it comes time to sending the fax via eFax.

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Fax from cloud storage

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Fax from cloud storage

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