Online Fax Benefits

  •    No hardware, software or dedicated fax line.
  •    Fax from your mobile, tablet or computer.
  •    Your choice of local, toll-free or international number.
  •    Share large files, that are too big for email.
  •    Faxes delivered directly to your email inbox.
  •    No busy signals, paper jams or lost/misplaced faxes.
  •    Start Faxing Immediately!
online faxing for pc, mobile and tablet

Why eFax is Right for You

Fax Instantly

It's simple! Start sending and receiving faxes immediately after you sign up.

Easy To Use

eFax saves your business time and money. Send are receive faxes on your PC, mobile or tablet. You never have to worry about rushing back to the office to send an important fax again!

Globally Trusted Online Fax Specialist

With more than 11 million customers around the world, and over 20,000 in Australia eFax is the world's No.1 Internet fax service.

Secure & Private

Faxes are sent directly to your email inbox and can be encrypted with TLS and SSL, giving you greater privacy than letting your faxes sit in the communal in-tray.

Send & Receive Faxes From Anywhere

With our award-winning app, you can send and receive faxes anywhere, anytime. You can even sign documents on the go with our digitised signature. Available on iOS or Android.

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Start faxing Instantly

How does it work?

Send a fax by email

Fax to Email Open

1. Open a new email, type fax number followed by "".

Fax to Email Attach Documents

2. Attach document, type message - eFax® converts into cover sheet.

Fax to Email Send

3. Hit Send.That's it! Your fax is sent!

Send a fax online

Fax Online - Login

1. Logon to eFax Message Centre on the eFax homepage.

Fax Online - Send

2. Click Send Faxes.

Fax Online - Recieve

3. Compose your fax as a normal email and press send. Your recipient receives your message as a fax.

Send a fax by mobile

Fax via Mobile - View Faxes

1. Tap View Faxes to open and review your fax on your mobile device.

Fax via Mobile - Sign Faxes

2. Tap Sign Faxes to add your electronic signature, then save your signed fax.

Fax via Mobile - Send Faxes

3. Tap Send Faxes and select your recipient - who will receive your fax as a normal fax.

How to receive a fax

Recieve Faxes - Give your number

1. Sender faxes to your number.

Recieve Faxes - Delivered

2. The fax is delivered to your email.

Recieve Faxes - Read and Save

3. You can read, forward or save the fax.


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About eFax

      Largest internet fax company in the world

Largest internet fax company in the world

      Long established provider in online fax

eFax was established 18 years ago

          11 million customers worldwide

11 million subscribers worldwide

"One of the most valuable things about eFax for my business is that eFax is always working and available; we never have to worry about a broken machine or a bad phone line."

Scott Brenner
Esq. Commercial Lawyer & Owner

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