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Effortless faxing designed
to be second nature

No fax machine. No fax phone lines. No printing. No busy signals.

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Achieve fax excellence without a fax machine

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Built for the modern workstyle

No one has time for faxing. So we made faxing as easy as emailing.

Built on world-class cloud architecture for unmatched security, reliability, and flexibility, eFax is simple to deploy, easy to maintain, integrate and scale – always available on any device, from anywhere.

Fax now comes with freedom


With a cloud fax number and online fax service on-demand anywhere in the world, you can send and receive faxes using any internet enabled device from anywhere.


eFax is 100% universal meaning it can communicate with both traditional analog fax technology and digital. So you can send or receive a fax via eFax to and from a traditional fax machine without any issues.

Any Device

eFax works from any computer (Mac or Windows), tablet, smartphone (Android or iOS) or even your networked multifunction printer (MFP).

Any Network

eFax is network agnostic. Unlike being tied to a single phone line to fax with traditional faxing, you can fax with any network that’s connected to the internet. So it’s compatible with the NBN naturally along with your WiFi, ADSL, 3G, 4G, 5G networks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a variety of terms for cloud fax, including:

  • Online faxing
  • Fax via email
  • Internet faxing 
  • Digital fax

Online cloud-faxing solutions are an evolution of physical fax machines, often offering the same or improved functionality while bringing data transmission processes into the 21st century.

eFax solutions operate through computer software and mobile apps.

Online cloud faxing completely replaces the need for a physical fax machine. All documents and files are sent and received digitally, rather than over analog lines. Carry on sending fax to physical fax machines without having to own a fax machine yourself.

Yes. You get a real virtual fax number which can be used to receive faxes by any fax sender regardless of what fax technology they are using to transmit the fax to your eFax fax number. Likewise, you can send a fax using eFax to any fax number regardless of the recipient’s fax technology. 

Yes. You can port or transfer your existing fax numbers over to eFax with the added benefit of not having to maintain or pay monthly line rental fees currently being paid to your telco for the use of the fax number. 

Alternatively you can instruct your current telco to implement a fax number diversion to a eFax fax number to forward all faxes to your online eFax account to be delivered via email. 

The benefits include:

  • Fax document security is increased through high-level encryption and access controls
  • There is no need for resource expenditure on toner, ink and maintenance
  • The process of sending and receiving fax is made much quicker and more efficient
  • Fax documents can be sent while working remotely
  • You can maintain important functionality associated with fax transmission, such as legal document sharing and instant submission/reception of visual files
  • Fax can be saved and easily accessed through online document management systems
  • Multiple fax numbers can be assigned to a single account, simplifying transmission.

Yes and no. Ultimately it’s your choice. Unlike with traditional fax machines where you physically need to print out the fax to see the fax document, cloud fax lets you view the fax digitally (PDF attachment, via mobile app or web). You can then decide if it’s an important fax you need to print. 

eFax Corporate along with the eFax API and eFax Router even lets you automate and route faxes to multifunction printers (MFP) for auto print based on metadata of fax documents. 

Yes. With the eFax Messenger software, you can use the built-in print to fax driver to send a fax directly from any application. Just like you would print to PDF, you can print to Fax.

Yes. eFax has the largest inventory of local fax numbers in all the main cities and regions within Australia or across 4,900 cities around the world. 

You can sign-up to eFax immediately and start faxing instantly. If you are a corporate customer, we can set you up on eFax Corporate within a few days and help you easily deploy the solution based on your requirements.

Yes. Traditional faxing hasn’t kept up with the fast evolving data privacy, security and compliance standards of the modern world. Paper based faxing with poor auditability characteristics mean basic compliance requirements are not met. eFax not only uses the most advanced encryption standards for both transmission and storage of faxes, but is highly certified and meets the stringent standards demanded by highly regulated industries.

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