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Streamline workflows to boost the supply chain

Manufacturers are under significant pressure to constantly drive efficiencies both within their document-intensive processes on-site and off-site. Cloud fax can help.

Hello eFax!


Less paperwork and more manufacturing

Streamline complex fax workflows by eliminating manual paper-based workstreams that not only boost productivity but directly improve your operational bottom lines.

“Cloud fax helps manufactures to improve productivity, respond to orders and requests, to ship product faster, and cut every possible dollar from operational costs”

The preferred solution for all types of manufacturers

  • Product manufactures
  • Automotive
  • FMCG
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Petroleum, chemicals and plastics
  • Furniture

Gain the agility of cloud fax to keep pace

Streamline, optimise and automate fax processes that keep your operations from achieving digital and cloud-first objectives.

What's Important
  • Workflow – Eliminate paper trails with integrated application-driven workflows.
  • Productivity – Drive productivity improvements in document management.
  • Cost savings – Cost reduction initiatives designed to boost profits and operational efficiencies.
  • Technology – Adopt new technology to help accelerate, automate and scale.

Deliver key outcomes

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  • Scalability – Serverless elastic scalability without the overhead costs or high capital expenditures.
  • IT footprint – Reduce the overall IT footprint and eliminate cumbersome paper-based handling.
  • Digitisation – Integrate directly into critical applications and platforms to unify workstreams.
  • Cloud-first – Realise the benefits of cloud technology applied across the entire fax ecosystem.

eFax in action

eFax has drastically decreased our downtime by 40 hours per week per person, that’s around $1,300! We’re so impressed that we’re even planning to replace the ten fax machines in our offices with eFax.”
Nigel Kilford
McCabe Group

How eFax will help

Cloud fax helps reduce paper streams and physical waste that not only helps the environment but also promotes a healthier workplace. Reducing operating costs associated with increased energy efficiency and office space recovery are some of the other benefits.

Fax by Email

Sending and receiving faxes is as easy as email


Fax Automation

Automate and route faxes to printers, shared network drives


NBN Ready

Fax reliably over the NBN network without added complexity


eFax API

RESTful API integrates with any ERP, CRM, SAP & EHR systems


MFP Integration

Integrate directly with all existing networked MFPs


Paperless Faxing

Migrate to paperless fax processes to eliminate paper trails and manual handling


Trusted by the best

We’re honored to be working with the leaders in their markets

Web-based faxing improves response time 600% and cuts costs 75% at Heidelberg

Read about our online fax Manufacturing Success Story, where the eFax Corporate cloud fax solution improved our customer’s response time 600% and cut its costs by 75%.


Solutions to the rescue

Choose the eFax product that works for your business

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Recommended For

  • Individuals & teams
  • Small businesses
  • Low volume faxing

What’s Important

  • Faxing on the go
  • Convenience of faxing via email
  • Lower cost faxing
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Recommended For

  • SMB & large enterprise
  • Heavily regulated industries
  • High volume faxing

What’s Important

  • Centralised fax management
  • Compliance & security
  • Advanced API integration

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Questions? We’ll put you on the right path.

Ask about eFax solutions, pricing, implementation, or anything else. Our fax experts are standing by, ready to help.