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Fax Number Porting

We do all the heavy lifting so you can keep your existing fax numbers without interruptions

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Step 1

Fill in the number transfer request form below. One of our fax number porting specialists will get in touch shortly to start the transfer process.


Step 2

Complete porting authority form we will send you based on your fax number porting request requirements to ensure your fax numbers are successfully transferred from your existing carrier/telco.


Step 3

Our team will notify you when your fax number has been successfully transferred over to eFax (usually 4-12 weeks) depending on your existing telco provider.

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Did you know?

Our team can get you faxing online straightway using eFax while you wait for your existing fax numbers to be transferred over using either temporary fax numbers or diverting your existing fax numbers to your eFax account.

Why transfer your fax numbers to eFax?

NBN Compatible

Moving your fax numbers online means they work seamlessly with the NBN naturally without risk of disconnection

Never Busy Fax Numbers

Never Busy Fax NumbersaCloud fax numbers on eFax are always online and never busy – even if you’re offline. Never miss an important fax again!

No Waiting Anywhere

Send and receive faxes all at once without waiting. Your fax number lives on the secure eFax cloud accessible worldwide


Send and receive faxes all at once without waiting. Your fax number lives on the secure eFax cloud accessible worldwide

No Disruptions

We ensure fax number porting is hassle free with no disruption to your existing fax service while your number/s are being ported over

Lose the Line Rental

Once your existing fax numbers are with eFax, you can enjoy no monthly line rental fees ever and no fax machine!

Transfer from…

We will work with your existing fax number provider or telco


and others..

Works on…

Fax numbers on the eFax cloud are 100% network agnostic. This means you can access your eFax service with an internet connection on ANY network. They are wireless, mobile and digital ready!

Works on any internet enabled network

ic wifi router
ic 3g
ic 4g
ic 5g
nbn business

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you have existing dedicated fax numbers you would like to retain, then we can work with your existing fax number provider to transfer them over to eFax. We can transfer fax numbers from any telco or phone service provider with your authority.

You can transfer local fax numbers, toll free numbers or even fax number ranges (eFax Corporate accounts) over to eFax.

No problem. With eFax Corporate accounts, we can help you port over whole fax number ranges, toll free fax numbers and fax lines from your existing telco provider. 

It’s free to transfer fax numbers to eFax. We have the largest network of telco relationships globally, so we are able to absorb porting costs normally associated with transfer of fax numbers.

Yes. Fax numbers you choose from eFax existing inventory pool or fax numbers you transfer across from another provider to eFax are all portable out of eFax for no extra cost.

Yes. You may simply request your existing fax number provider to divert or call-forward your existing fax numbers to your eFax account. We can issue local or international fax numbers for you to divert your existing fax numbers to and also change the CSID of the outgoing faxes to look like the existing fax numbers.

Number porting can take upto 4-12 weeks once we have received the completed porting authority form along with a copy of your existing invoice from your existing fax number service provider. This is the standard industry time frame for fax number transfers and varies depending on your existing telco provider. 

Transferring a traditional fax number to eFax will mean that you now have access to a fax number accessible from anywhere in the world without being limited to a fixed location and connection point.

It also means you can send and receive faxes with any internet enabled device with the convenience of fax to email etc. The other benefit is that your fax number will always be online on the cloud – meaning it will never be busy and can handle sending and receiving of faxes concurrently without the waiting.

The only guaranteed way to reliably send and receive faxes on the nbn™ is to use an online fax service (also known as ‘digital fax’).

With the impending disconnection of copper fax services as the NBN roll out progresses, eFax can help you retain your fax number, as well as providing immediate cost savings and streamlining your business practices.

eFax can seamlessly transfer your existing fax number off the copper telephony network and host it in the cloud. This enables you to access your faxes anywhere you have an internet (or mobile phone) connection. Sending and receiving faxes using eFax is as simple as using your email account. eFax even has an easy to use mobile app which is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Absolutely. We can set you up on eFax instantly with a temporary fax number. Just get your existing fax number provider/telco to divert your existing fax number to the eFax temporary fax number until your port request is completed. You can then receive all your faxes sent to your existing fax number into the eFax account and send faxes using your temporary fax number using eFax. Once the number is ported over to eFax, we will simply replace the temporary fax number with your existing fax number under the same eFax account.

Yes. You can receive faxes from any fax device and fax service. The sender won’t even know you’re not using a traditional fax machine. Your number will be the same, and they’ll just punch it in and press Send, just as they always do.

Absolutely! You can simply sign-up to eFax with a new fax number (select “choose new number”) under any one of our price plans. You can start faxing immediately with your new number and anyone can send faxes to your new fax number. Once you are ready to move your existing fax number over to eFax, we can replace your temporary fax number with your existing fax number.