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Sending Cloud Faxes with SAP eFax Corporate SAP Connector 2.0

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Flexibility, Scalability with eFax Connector 2.0

Managers of SAP environments are poised to take advantage of the migration to the cloud for fax communications. The emergence of proven, stable, and affordable cloud-based fax services now enables IT managers to replace their aging server hardware infrastructure with a service that integrates fax directly into their SAP email platform. This paper will explore the advantages of moving legacy SAP fax processes into the cloud, and offer guidance on finding the ideal cloud-hosted fax provider

Long term Enterprise Solutions.

In this Whitepaper we’ll be exploring:

  • Helping SAP Managers Find the Best Cloud-Based Fax Provider
  • The Benefits of Hosted Faxing
  • Should You Move SAP Third Party Applications to the Cloud?

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