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Cloud fax integration made simple

Integrate application faxing simply and cost-effectively into your business’s CRM, ERP, EMR, EHR & clinical management platforms.

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eFax API

Accelerate digital transformation with eFax Enterprise API

eFax Enterprise API is like having your own production-class fax server without the hassle, equipment, or expense!

Accelerate digital transformation, improve data interoperability, and streamline communications with the new eFax Enterprise RESTful application programming interface (API).

Our standards-based API is designed for easy integration with mission-critical applications in high-volume production fax environments, especially for highly regulated industries where compliance and security come first.

Our Benefits

Intelligent Integration

  • Fax by email right from CRM, ERP or EHR application
  • RESTful API or XML based API
  • SAP certified partner

Streamline workflows

  • Optimise fax processes and fax directly from applications
  • Access to a secure API portal
  • Intelligent fax routing support from the eFax Router

Powerful security

  • Supports TLS 1.2 encryption for transmissions
  • AES 256-bit encryption for fax storage
  • Advanced auditing and compliance

Powerfully capable

eFax API

Powerful application & platform integration

With the eFax Enterprise API, you’ll be able to integrate our online fax solution directly into your company’s existing HR, finance applications, medical EHR and EMRs,— or on any operating systems. Our eFax Enterprise API gives you control over fax transmissions, working with fax images and metadata, deleting faxes, and using search parameters to retrieve lists of sent and received faxes.

eFax API

Ultimate management controls at your fingertips

The Admin API supports account provisioning and maintenance, number management, and managing authorizations, including: Adding and removing fax numbers, and returning unassigned numbers to inventory Creating, viewing, editing and deleting fax users and more.

eFax API

Secure and compliant faxing

Our secure fax solution for Healthcare providers, Medical payers, Law Firms & Financial Firms is the standard for compliance and reliability helping companies of all sizes from small business to enterprise send and receive critical documents via the cloud.

  • Advanced Auditing — The system maintains audit logs for all sent and received fax documents and files. View 20 different tracking and reporting metrics.
  • Compliant fax API – Complies with HIPAA, GLBA, SOX and other regulatory requirements including GDPR.
  • Maximum fax security – The Fax API uses TLS 1.2 encryption for fax transmissions, and AES 256-bit encryption for fax storage.
eFax API

Enhance your business’s fax compliance

As part of the j2 Global® family of cloud service experts, eFax Enterprise API takes advantage of a worldwide, redundant fax and transport infrastructure — and 20 years of experience delivering highly secure solutions that help businesses meet compliance requirements for security, privacy, and auditability set by regulators.

eFax API

Integrate your SAP solutions

Ideal for businesses that run SAP applications, the eFax SAP Connector offers a simple method to fax documents directly from your SAP systems and modules by email. With SAP Connector complementing your eFax Corporate® cloud fax service, your employees can fax quickly and conveniently right from SAP, and your IT team can reduce the hassles of onsite fax maintenance, and your business can enhance the value of your SAP systems.

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eFax API

eFax Enterprise API Datasheet

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eFax API

Flexibility and Scalability with eFax Connector 2.0 for SAP

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Frequently Asked Questions

Based on the RESTful programming standard that is preferred by developers, the eFax Enterprise API is designed to integrate cloud fax with customer’s workflow application software such as CRM, ERP and healthcare EMRs and EHRs.

The eFax Enterprise API enables high volume faxing directly from customer applications. The API provides a unified faxing and billing environment that simplifies the fax administration process.

Pages sent to your dedicated, toll-free fax number are passed securely―via Web post―to your application as PDF or TIFF, along with associated “wrapper” information (date/time, number of pages, caller ID, etc.). Your faxes are also available at our secure online-storage site. Plus, advanced auditing and various ways of tracking fax and reporting metrics.

Your faxes are sent by an SSL-encrypted HTTPS Web post and are delivered immediately. Delivery-status information is then passed back to your application (as a Web post or email). The quick and responsive delivery system can also obtain the status of any fax at any time.

Use case 1:
My hospital sends large numbers of medical orders to 3rd party healthcare providers. By integrating faxing directly with our electronic health record (EHR) system, the API streamlines the fax workflow to manage the volume. We no longer have to print and manually fax the documents.
Use case 2:
We are a large service organization that sends and receives faxes daily for placing orders with suppliers and responding to customer requests that come in by fax. Where we used to receive two separate bills for eFax and Developer, the eFax Enterprise API provides a unified environment for faxing and billing, simplifying the administration process.
Use case 3:
My department processes insurance claims, approvals, denials and appeals for healthcare customers. We process thousands of faxes per day. The eFax Enterprise API integrates inbound faxes with our workflow applications, automatically routing faxes to the correct folders, saving us countless hours of manual fax distribution.

Yes. Based on the RESTful standard for application development, which simplifies the application integration process.

Supports Token-based authentication using the Oauth2 standard.

An Administration API lets you easily add, delete or change users. A secure API Portal for private access to account settings, technical documentation and specifications,
as well as a Sandbox for testing.

Yes. eFax Corporate is the first major cloud fax provider to achieve HITRUST CSF® certification, reflecting the highest level of commitment to security and compliance in an organization. For integration into EHR systems and enhancing interoperability, our eFax Enterprise APIs have also been HITRUST CSF® Certified.

The eFax SAP Connector is certified under SAP’s BC-SMTP requirements and makes it easy to integrate NetWeaver, with eFax Corporate’s cloud-based fax-by-email service to meet your most demanding needs for secure corporate faxing.

With the SAP Connector integrated into your eFax Corporate cloud fax service is deployed in your environment, SAP will natively output your faxes as SMTP messages, (using the BC-SMTP Standard) which travel across the Internet directly to eFax, where we convert and process them to be delivered to your fax recipients.

We provide the most sophisticated encryption, Transport Layer Security (TLS), to ensure your faxes remain secure from point of origin to delivery. When the fax is delivered successfully, eFax sends a Delivery Status Notification (DSN) email back to the originating instance of SAP, where it can be routed to the proper module for your team to log the transmission for record-keeping and audit purposes.

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