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Partner with the World’s #1

Cloud Fax Brand

Capture new customers, increase revenue from existing customers, and boost your credibility by selling the most trusted name in digital cloud fax.

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Who should join our partner program?

Service Providers

Many of the world’s leading communication service businesses —telecom carriers, telco service providers, cable companies—are enhancing the value of their offerings, and increasing their bottom line, with eFax’s cloud fax services.

Marketplace Resellers

Top software reseller marketplaces have already added eFax’s cloud fax solutions to their portfolios. These marketplaces know cloud fax is expected to become a billion-dollar industry in the next few years, and they want to sell only the world’s #1 brand.

SaaS Vendors

SaaS software companies—particularly those selling B2B apps for real estate, healthcare, legal, and other regulated industries—know that embedding enterprise-caliber cloud faxing can enhance their solution while attractinga new customers.

UCaaS and MSPs

UCaaS providers have discovered that a truly “unified” solution must also include fax—still a top form of business communication. MSPs have found adding cloud fax increases their value to customers. Both have found it lucrative to offer the world’s #1 brand.

White Label Partners

Some technology providers want to offer cloud fax service but maintain their brand’s identity across all aspects of their solution. For these companies, eFax offers a white label option: our multimillion-dollar, proven cloud fax solution, under their brand’s name.

Healthcare Solution Providers

Healthcare software companies, EMR providers, telehealth services, and health information exchanges are improving their solutions, adding value for customers, and creating new revenue with eFax’s HIPAA-compliant cloud fax solutions.

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Claim your share of
a growing market

As our Partners will tell you, cloud fax is still in high demand—particularly among regulated businesses such as healthcare and insurance, but within other industries as well. Whether it’s for regulatory compliance reasons, or because their vendors and customers expect to communicate by fax, many companies still need the ability to send and receive faxes.

These businesses would be thrilled to remove their costly, trouble-prone fax machines and move their faxing to the cloud. You can capitalize on this trend by adding eFax’s cloud fax solutions to your offerings.

build credibility

Build credibility with
a world leader

Adding cloud fax capability to your existing solution can create tremendous value for your existing customers—and help you attract new ones. But which cloud fax provider should you partner with? Choosing an unproven or unreliable solution can do more harm to your customer relationships and your company’s reputation than not adding cloud fax in the first place.

That’s why the smart, safe way to offer cloud faxing is to partner with the world’s most trusted and successful family of brands: eFax, sFax, MyFax, SRFax, and others. These are the cloud fax solutions trusted by more than half of the Fortune 500—and 11 million other businesses around the world.

world class

Receive world-class
sales support

When you join our eFax Partner Program, you’ll receive much more than our solutions to resell. You’ll have a true partner committed to helping you succeed in marketing and selling our cloud fax solutions to new and existing customers.

Our reseller program gives you access to the same eFax marketing materials and sales assets that our existing partners—and our own in-house sales team—use to generate qualified leads, book sales, and create loyal, long-term customers. You’ll also have direct access to our sales team to help you maximize your eFax offering.

cloud fax portfolio

Add cloud fax to your portfolio right away

Millions of businesses around the world trust eFax to transmit their mission-critical corporate data. And with new businesses approaching us every day, our in-house team simply can’t serve every prospective cloud fax subscriber. That’s why we’ve designed a partnership program that any type of technology solution provider can join—and profit from.

The application process to join our program is fast and painless. And once you’re an official eFax Reseller, we’ll make the resale process just as simple and appealing for your customers—who can sign up for the service through your site and start sending and receiving digital faxes in minutes.

More Reasons to Join

  • Give your Customers peace of mind with 24/7 access to highly skilled
    tech support from eFax’s US-based support team
  • Integrate cloud fax into your offering in whichever way makes the most sense for your business:
  • Integrate cloud fax into your offering in whichever way makes the most sense for your business:
    • API or portal integration
    • EMR/EHR integration for your healthcare Customers
    • White label integration (to maintain your brand identity)
    • Custom integrations with eFax’s implementation services team

How a Few eFax Partners
(and Their Customers) Are Benefiting



App-maker A5 developed the first app to integrate eFax with Salesforce. The company helps its customers embed cloud-fax capabilities directly into Salesforce. This allows them to receive, sign, and send faxes without leaving their Salesforce environments.



Proxios, a Virginia-based MSP, offers business customers a full IT communications package—including cloud faxing from eFax. By expanding its offering to include digital fax capability, the MSP added value for its existing customers and captured new ones.



LifeFile is a digital solution provider for pharmacies, doctors, and patients. With 75% of medical communications still taking place via fax, LifeFile added value for healthcare providers by integrating eFax’s HIPAA-compliant digital into the company’s solution.

Questions? We’ll put you on the right path.

Ask about eFax solutions, pricing, implementation, or anything else. Our fax experts are standing by, ready to help.