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Seamlessly integrate your business faxing with networked MFPs

Now it’s time to take this smart streamlining strategy a step further, and extend the value of your MFPs, by integrating them with your existing business fax processes.

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MFP Integration

Unify cloud faxing with your networked MFPs

With the eFax Corporate MFP Fax Direct feature, you can integrate your business’ fax infrastructure with the world’s #1 cloud fax service — and still maintain the ability to send and receive paper faxes when necessary. The best part: you can do this by leveraging hardware you’ve already invested in — your networked Multifunction Printers.

  • Cloud fax system that lets you fax from the MFP glass
  • Senders receive an email confirming fax delivery
  • Transmissions and usage logs are available online
  • Easily integrates into your IT environment
MFP Integration

Our Benefits


  • Simplify your faxing processes
  • Extend the capabilities of your MFPs
  • Save your IT team time and hassles


  • Works with the NBN
  • No need for a fax card or fax board
  • Eliminate dedicated fax lines and line rental fees


  • Enhance audit and compliance across all MFPs
  • Enable TLS and encryption
  • Centralised security, compliance and governance

Powerfully capable

MFP Integration

Integrate your doc transmissions

eFax Corporate streamlines your fax infrastructure – turning all of your devices into cloud faxing tools.
Added convenience – your employees can fax directly from the MFP “glass” to frequently used fax numbers – leveraging your MFPs’ programmable hot buttons.
Enhanced productivity – no more scanning documents to employees’ email, and no more walking to and from MFPs searching for confirmation receipts.

MFP Integration

Universal cloud faxing solution

Because your MFP Fax Direct Feature integrates seamlessly into your eFax Corporate cloud fax platform, every fax you send or receive through your MFPs (or from any Internet-connected device) will also be automatically archived in the cloud, for easy retrieval, for the life of your eFax account. Every fax transmitted through your MFPs will also register in your fax usage reports, so you will always have an audit trail of fax activity.

Improved security– eFax Corporate can enable TLS encryption for all of your faxes, enhancing security. You can also eliminate the security exposure of traditional faxing.
Reduced IT headaches – sunset your existing fax infrastructure and eliminate maintenance and headaches associated with on-site fax infrastructure.

MFP Integration

Best of both worlds

Deploy a cost-effective cloud fax solution but still use paper faxes when needed. We know sometimes you have to use a paper fax, for either ‘wet ink’ signatures or to satisfy a customer, partner, or vendor. So eFax Corporate makes it easy.

Cost savings – Reduce the use of paper, extra fax lines and maintenance
Enhanced productivity – Share and store files conveniently online.
Security and compliance – Protect your data and comply with privacy regulations.

MFP Integration

Using the MFP fax direct feature is easy

  1. Scan the document into your MFP.
  2. Enter the fax number.
  3. Fax the document from your MFP device.
MFP Integration

Integrate Cloud Faxing
with Your Multifunction Printers

and Increase Your Efficiency from Both

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Send faxes from any application
  • Use your fax channels and VoIP more efficiently
  • Receive faxes both digitally and as hard copies
  • Make employee faxing easier with distributed lists on your MFPs
  • Make employee faxing easier with user identification

With the eFax MFP Fax Direct Feature, your organization will enjoy both streamlined faxing through the cloud — which is as easy as sending email — and the ability to send or receive paper faxes when needed, right from the glass of your MFPs.This integration makes sending a fax as easy as 1-2-3! You’ll eliminate aging fax infrastructure, increase efficiency, and enhance security — all while creating a single, integrated solution for faxing.

Yes. As long as it’s networked and can send or receive email, either with its own email address or using an external address.

eFax MFP Fax Direct feature works on all brands including Canon, Fuji Xerox, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, OKI, Toshiba, Lexmark, Brother, HP, Kyocera and many more.

No. It works as long as your MFP device has an internet connection and is networked. So this means you don’t need to maintain fax lines or upgrade fax cards/boards to work with the NBN. It will be NBN ready out of the box!

Yes via the eFax Domain Send functionality. eFax® Domain Send is a service that allows anyone, anywhere in your organization to send a fax even if they don’t have an eFax number or account.

Yes. Some examples include:

  • You can choose from a series of custom cover sheets, by user.
  • Send a fax to predetermined recipients – with a touch of a button
  • Configure control panels for one-touch faxing
  • Desktop/SOHO MFP
  • Basic Enterprise MFD
  • Enterprise MFD with Active
  • Directory/LDAP
  • Enterprise MFD with eFax MFD Connector

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MFP Integration

Keep your fax numbers

Or select new ones—your choice of local, toll-free or international.

MFP Integration

Dedicated account managers

Your eFax account manager will help you at every step.