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Intelligent fax automation made possible

The eFax Enterprise Fax Router enables organisations to automate fax processes helping to improve existing workflows and boosting workplace productivity.

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eFax Router

Simplify, automate and streamline fax workflows

eFax Router is a configurable Windows application that allows the auto-download of faxes for one or multiple fax numbers over a secure Internet connection. Based on user-defined settings, the application checks to see if any new faxes have arrived on the specified fax numbers, downloads these faxes and the associated metadata, and then performs one or more of the following tasks:

  • Saves faxes into admin-designated folders
  • Prints faxes to network shared printers
  • Executes a templated command line using the fax’s image and metadata as parameters

Users can configure the application to delete faxes from eFax Corporate®, or leave them on the server to complement their organization’s disaster recovery strategies or fax storage period requirements.

Our Benefits


  • Minimal human interaction and monitoring
  • Customise fax automations seamlessly
  • Automate printing services linked to existing MFPs


  • Route faxes to customised storage directories
  • Unparalleled flexibility with user profiles and rules
  • Integrates with the eFax Enterprise API


  • “Set and forget” app
  • Define how faxes are sorted, delivered and to who
  • Integrate into business workflows

Powerfully capable

eFax Router

Automate fax processes compliantly

Organisations, especially those in regulated industries use fax as a critical part of their daily information workflow. Highly configurable, eFax Router automates routing and printing services, changing eFax Corporate from a tool that requires monitoring and access into a tool that provides intelligent fax routing with minimal human interaction and monitoring.

eFax Router

Simple, straightforward user interface

The interface for the eFax Router Admin is simple and compact. Here you perform the three easy configuration tasks that will allow your fax router instance to manage faxes according to your workflow needs and requirements. These tasks are:

  • Configure the main application settings (logging and folder directories). Implement this in the Settings panel.
  • Create fax handlers (how to sort and deliver faxes — to a fax inbox, to a printer, or handled through a command line instruction). Implement this in the Fax Handlers panel.
  • Create user profiles (who the faxes should be routed to and where) and map those profiles to fax handlers. Implement this in the Users panel.

With a few key pieces of information — your Application ID, your API Key, and the eFax® User ID for each user handled by the service — it takes only a few minutes to set up the fax router and get your faxes to where they need to be.

eFax Router

More productive
and less time monitoring

The fax router transforms eFax Corporate into a versatile, responsive tool in any medical or business office, removing the need to have individual users check their fax inboxes multiple times in a day by automating routing and printing services. It essentially changes eFax Corporate from a tool that requires monitoring and access into a tool that provides intelligent fax routing with minimal human interaction and monitoring.

eFax Router

Ultimate flexibility in fax routing

The eFax Router provides unparalleled flexibility when it comes to creating as many user profiles as you need. Each profile can use any of the fax handler definitions in any combination you need.
You can also install multiple instances of the fax router on different servers to create scalable, fault-tolerant, high traffic routing system; these instances can share a common set of configuration files stored on a shared network drive for easy change control management

eFax Router

Works on Windows

The eFax Enterprise Fax Router should be installed on devices running Windows©
Server 2008r2 or later. Users should also ensure that they have the .NET Framework (version 4.6.2 or higher) installed on any machine running the service.

Download the eFax Router Datasheet
for more information
eFax Router

Frequently Asked Questions

Windows Server 2008 R2 or later. Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.6.2 or higher

Yes. Stop and Start/Restart functionality directly in the eFax Router Admin portal. Ability to re-queue errored or incomplete jobs from the portal.

Yes. Full logging capability with three types of logs: Audit, System, and Event logs.

There are three types of Fax Handlers — File, Command, and Print. Fax Handlers essentially manage job queues. For each fax received, the Fax Handler obtains the necessary fax image(s) and metadata, and then calls the appropriate Fax Handler type and hands off the job to that entity.

File and Command Handlers use path templates to store fax downloads or execute runtime commands correctly. An example of a path template in the user’s local temp directory is:


This path routes faxes going in a given direction (inbound for example), and stores them in a subfolder with the appropriate user ID (for example, C:\temp\inbound\144352435-2343243412).

All printers connected to your PC or device appear in the Print Queue dropdown when you select the Print type in the Fax Handler panel.

User profiles are who the faxes should be routed to and where. For each user, you create a profile that includes their eFax Corporate User ID and Fax Number, an operational schedule for when the fax router should scan for faxes, and the fax handlers that user needs. You also indicate per user if you want to save associated fax metadata,

if you want the delivered fax to remain on the eFax Corporate system after download, and which fax image format to use (PDF or TIFF). 

Map as many fax handlers to each user profile as needed to get your faxes where they need to be.

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eFax Router

Keep your fax numbers

Or select new ones—your choice of local, toll-free or international.

eFax Router

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