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Share files too big for email using eFax

Need to send a file that’s too big for email? No problem. Your eFax® account lets you send large files (up to 3GB)

Included for FREE with eFax and eFax Corporate

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Large file sharing

Centralise secure document exchange

When your company signs up for eFax Corporate®, you’ll have access to more than just the most widely trusted business cloud fax solution in history — although you’ll certainly receive that as well.

As a customer, you’ll also enjoy free access to other cloud collaboration services — including our secure Large File Sharing feature, which lets your employees easily send & receive files that exceed the size limit for emailing – usually 10MB.

Our Benefits


  • Share large files easily
  • No bounce-backs. No email delays. Immediate collaboration!
  • Share any file format or even a zipped set of files


  • Send a large file – up to 3GB at a time!
  • Save money with no need for FTP solution
  • Send a secure link to your files to 20 email addresses at once


  • Securely send videos, x rays, images, ppts, pdfs & more
  • Track your recipients’ downloads with email notification
  • Your files will be available for 90 days before they expire

Powerfully capable

Large file sharing

Save your business money

If your employees have ever had difficulty emailing a PowerPoint presentation to a coworker because the file exceeded your email program’s file-size limit – usually 10MB, you’ve probably considered investing in a cloud storage app so they could share these files through that service.
But as a customer, you won’t have to make that investment — because Secure Large File Sharing is included with every eFax Corporate account. This feature lets your team share up to 3GB worth of combined files simultaneously, with as many as 20 different email addresses.

Large file sharing

Save your employees time and frustration

When your team is collaborating on a project, and the momentum is strong, the last thing you want is for their progress to get stalled because they can’t send each other the files they’re collaborating on. Yet this happens all the time, because employees working on presentations or other massive files eventually find they can’t email them back and forth — because they’re just too large.
With your Secure Large File Sharing feature, though, this will never be a problem — your employees will be able to immediately send each other gigs worth of files, securely, anytime.

Large file sharing

Improve your company’s ability to collaborate

Imagine one of your reps is presenting to a prospect who asks, “Can you email me a copy of this presentation? I’d like to run it by my senior manager.” If that .ppt file is more than 10MB — which is likely, if it includes high-quality images — your rep might find it difficult to send via email.

But with the Secure Large File Sharing feature included with your eFax Corporate cloud fax service, your rep will be able to shoot a copy of the file to the prospect on the spot, in seconds. From internal collaboration, to marketing, to selling — the more your staff uses the Large File Sharing feature, the more valuable uses they’ll find for it.

Using large file transfer is easy!


Log into eFax® and click “Share Large File.” Then enter your recipient(s) email address.


Click “Upload Files” and choose the file(s) to upload. You can add multiple files — up to 3GB total


eFax® sends your recipient(s) a link where they can access your files.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Recipients don’t even have to be registered with eFax.

Share any file format or even a zipped set of files (for presentations, high-resolution images, video, audio, documents, spreadsheets, etc.).

Your files will be available for 90 days before they expire

Up to 3GB in file size.

Questions about large file sharing?

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Large file sharing

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Large file sharing

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