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The fax software designed for enterprise

Optimized for Windows 10, eFax Messenger 5.3 provides a streamlined, easy-to-use desktop app for sending, and viewing faxes from a single, unified interface.

Included for FREE with eFax and eFax Corporate

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eFax Messenger

 Makes Desktop Faxing Easier Than Ever!

eFax Messenger™ is a free value-add desktop tool that enables you to make digital changes to your faxes right from your eFax Corporate account — without the need for printing or scanning. With eFax Messenger, you can easily create, edit, send and store faxes, complete with an integrated address book, text notes and electronic signatures. Yet another reason eFax Corporate® is the world’s most popular business cloud fax service.

eFax Messenger

Our Benefits


  • Create, edit, send and store faxes
  • Create PDFs for faxing
  • Easily access important resources such as Microsoft Outlook address book


  • Electronically stamp & sign documents
  • Create custom cover pages
  • Fax directly from applications with built-in print to fax driver

Powerful security

  • Meets fax compliance
  • Send sensitive data without printing or physically handling documents
  • Fax securely with TLS encryption

Powerfully capable

eFax Messenger

Send faxes from your computer

eFax Messenger 2.0 has advanced editing and faxing features to help you get the most out of your eFax account, using your laptop or desktop computer. Fax directly from applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. Create PDFs, edit and annotate faxes with image editing and markup tools.

eFax Messenger

Perfect for healthcare, legal and financial professionals

Whether you need to fax a purchase order, prescription, or legal document, eFax Messenger enables you to securely send sensitive data from the privacy of your desktop computer without having to print, scan or physically handle paper documents.

eFax Messenger

Go beyond just faxing via email

Meet the eFax Messenger designed to do more with your fax documents than simply sending and receiving faxes via email. eFax Messenger is a powerful Windows based fax software that gives your workplace true paperless capability to view, edit, highlight, add notes, electronically sign and return your approval by fax directly within the messenger software tool. Control the entire fax process from customising cover sheets and fax templates to accessing fax archives all from a single interface.

eFax Messenger

More performance.
More productivity.

eFax Messenger has advanced editing and faxing features to help you get the most
out of your eFax account, using your laptop or desktop computer.

  • Take advantage of features such as fax sending, fax forwarding,custom cover pages, electronic signatures, fax markup tools, PDF creation and fax-image editing tools for annotation.
  • Print directly from applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many more for efficiency and convenience.
  • Integrate easily with your existing email client. Access important resources such as the Microsoft Outlook address book.
eFax Messenger

If you can print it,
you can fax it

With the new eFax Messenger 2.0 print driver, you can now print from any application (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) that supports printing. It comes with 5 pre-made templates for your convenience or you can create/import your own custom cover pages.

eFax Messenger
Download eFax Messenger
  • Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • 64-bit (x64) processor
  • Hardware Requirements:
    2GHz or faster
  • File Size: 74 MB

Frequently Asked Questions

eFax Messenger gives you greater control over your online faxing. Optimized for use with Windows 10, eFax Messenger provides a streamlined, easy-to-use desktop app for sending, receiving and viewing faxes from a single, unified interface.

Downloading our eFax Messenger® software is fast and easy.

  1. After you sign up for eFax Corporate, visit the Download eFax Messenger section for system requirements and instructions on how to download Messenger to your PC.
  2. Install eFax Messenger on your computer and follow the simple steps to set up this free fax software with your eFax Corporate account.
  3. Just click the eFax Messenger icon in your Programs or Applications folder, and start editing your electronic faxes.

There are 3 ways to add a signature:

  1. Type a signature
  2. Import a signature
  3. Draw a signature
  • Create & send a fax: No need to launch a separate window—it is now built into your main application.
  • New fax ribbon: Subject and Attention Fields;fax a copy to yourself; add a reference or client ID; add searchable tags, and more.
  • Fax activity: View all of your fax activity in one convenient central location.
  • Log in: No need to remember your fax number – now you can conveniently log-in with your email address or fax number.
  • Electronic signature: Upgrades include a timestamp option, as well as the ability to sign on-screen with a mouse or stylus, and import your own signature image, or type your signature with script-like fonts.
  • Keyword search: New keyword search option allows you to search your stored documents by subject or tags.
  • Cover pages: Five ready-made templates available or create or import your own custom cover pages.
  • Address book: Easily view Recents and Favorites, create groups,and import/export your address book, including Microsoft Outlook.
  • Geographic region: Limit your fax sending to specific geographic regions. For example, routing faxes within Australia or New Zealand.Download the eFax Messenger data sheet for more information here – https://enterprise.efax.com/docs/default-source/datasheet/efax-desktop-fax-app-fax-messenger-2-0-product-datasheet.pdf?
  • Convert any document to a fax document with the eFax Messenger® Print Driver
  • View sent faxes and save fax drafts
  • Sign any document with electronic signatures
  • View, edit, print and store received faxes
  • Manage fax contacts in Messenger’s address book or import numbers from your Outlook address book

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eFax Messenger

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Or select new ones—your choice of local, toll-free or international.

eFax Messenger

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