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Fortune 100 firms trust us every day with their mission-critical business faxes. Your customers can, too.

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service providers

How leading service providers are increasing their bottom line with eFax — and you can, too.

Telecom carriers

Earn extra revenue adding cloud fax to the portfolio of services that their telco partners can offer to their end-user customers.

Telco service providers

Increase their average sales and boost their avarage lifetime customer value by offering cloud fax capability with their telecom solutions.

Cable service providers

Add to their bottom line by offering cloud faxing to the digital service packages they sell to end-user customers.

Communications providers

Can boost their revenues significantly with a cloud fax solution for both their residental and enterprise business customers.

Adding cloud fax capability—a still-in-demand service—to your product offering has never been easier. With eFax, you can quickly integrate our world-leading cloud fax solution into your product platform, and start earning new revenue right away.

service portfolio

Expand your
service portfolio

Today you’re competing with more communications service providers than ever—both the household-name giants and a slew of startup providers. The ability to integrate additional communication services into your offering—such as cloud-based faxing—can set your product suite apart from the competition.

With eFax, you can easily integrate our world-leading cloud fax solution into your suite, either as an add-on to your existing services—where you can offer the world’s #1 brand—or as a white-label digital fax service that bears your brand’s name.

Many of their existing customers ask to add cloud faxing capability to their account right away.

current customers

Add revenue from
current customers

We hear repeatedly from our resale partners that when they make eFax available as part of their suite of communications services, many of their existing customers ask to add cloud faxing capability to their account right away.

Once their customers realize they can retire their desktop fax machines—and gain the ability to receive, send and even sign faxes electronically, all without touching a piece of paper—those customers are eager to sign up for this affordable monthly service.

capture new customers

Capture new customers

Contrary to a common misconception, faxing remains a widely used communication protocol for businesses. An IDC study just a couple of years ago found 82% of businesses increased their fax usage over the previous year. And today, roughly 75% of all healthcare data transmissions take place over fax.

That’s why MarketWatch predicts the global market for cloud fax will increase every year through at least 2026—when it will be worth more than $1 billion. Offering cloud fax capability can create an entirely new channel for you to bring in new customers—customers you can then introduce to your other communications services.

Build credibility with a world leader

If you’re going to add digital faxing to your product portfolio to add value to UCaas/Hosted PBX or replace traditional fax, you have to make a smart choice. There are many providers offering this service—most new to the game and with little expertise or successful track record. You don’t want to add any service to your company’s suite unless it’s the best in its class and complements your existing offerings.

That’s why eFax is the easy choice. For more than 20 years, we have been the most trusted cloud fax brand in the world. Today millions of businesses—including more than half of the Fortune 500—trust eFax to deliver their most important business faxes. As an eFax partner, you won’t be just offering cloud fax capability—you’ll be offering the world’s #1 cloud fax brand.

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Receive marketing and sales support

When you become an eFax partner, you’ll have our full support in helping your firm market and sell our cloud fax
solution to your new and current customers.

You’ll have access to eFax marketing messages proven to generate sales, a library of high-quality videos and other sales assets, and even direct access to our sales team to help you make the most of your eFax offering.

start earning

Start earning now… it’s easy

We’ve made the process of becoming an eFax partner fast, simple, and painless. That’s one reason many of the leading eCommerce companies, distributors, cable, telecom, and managed service providers are quickly adding eFax’s solutions to their product portfolios.

eFax will help you integrate our digital fax platform into your product environment. We’ll also give you tools to help you sell the service, to make it easy to sign your customers to sign up for it, and to help your company track your progress in terms of sales and revenues.

More reasons to become an eFax resale partner:

  • Offer the world’s most trusted name in cloud faxing
  • Sell to customers worldwide
  • Help keep your regulated customers compliant with HIPAA, HITRUST, GLBA, SOX, FERPA, and other data-privacy laws
  • Offer your customers world-class, 24/7 technical support from our experts
  • Choose from a wide range of options for integrating cloud fax into your offering:
    • API or portal integration
    • Seamless integration into your UCaaS platform
    • EMR/EHR integrations for your healthcare customers
    • White label integration
    • Custom integration services

Questions? We’ll put you on the right path.

Ask about eFax solutions, pricing, implementation, or anything else. Our fax experts are standing by, ready to help.