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Is proudly presenting Australia’s #1 Online Fax Service that lets you send, receive, sign & store faxes from wherever life takes you!

Not only does eFax bring the convenience of online faxing to your computer and mobile, efax has developed top features to help you improve day to day productivity and be the most cost efficientmethod of faxing.

  • NBN Compatible
  • Send and receive faxes via email or through a user-friendly portal
  • Data Sovereignty

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What is eFax®

eFax®, part Consensus Cloud Solutions Inc, is a hosted cloud fax service used by millions of users and corporate customers worldwide – including thousands of Australian companies and nearly a third of the ASX 100.

Join the millions of businesses leveraging our 20 years experience in digital cloud fax with the largest and most resilient infrastructure.

How eFax® Works

Business faxing is cheaper, faster and easier thanks to eFax® – the latest in digital faxing technology

Built for the modern workstyle

No one has time for faxing. So we made faxing as easy as emailing.

Built on world-class cloud architecture for unmatched security, reliability, and flexibility, eFax is simple to deploy, easy to maintain, integrate and scale – always available on any device, from anywhere.

Fax now comes with freedom


With a cloud fax number and online fax service on-demand anywhere in the world, you can send and receive faxes using any internet enabled device from anywhere.


eFax is 100% universal meaning it can communicate with both traditional analog fax technology and digital. So you can send or receive a fax via eFax to and from a traditional fax machine without any issues.

Any Device

eFax works from any computer (Mac or Windows), tablet, smartphone (Android or iOS) or even your networked multifunction printer (MFP).

Any Network

eFax is network agnostic. Unlike being tied to a single phone line to fax with traditional faxing, you can fax with any network that’s connected to the internet. So it’s compatible with the NBN naturally along with your WiFi, ADSL, 3G, 4G, 5G networks.

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