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Australia’s #1 Online Fax Service
that works seamlessly with the NBN

No Phone Lines required

No Phone Lines

No need for a dedicated fax line.
Start saving $30 a month on business line rentals by switching to online fax.

It Works with all your internet enabled devices

It Works with all your
internet enabled devices

Hassle free set-up. Works with all your existing devices. Experience the difference of having a pocket fax machine.

No additional Hardware or Software

No additional Hardware
or Software

Instantly works with your existing PC, tablet and mobile without the need to purchase expensive hardware, adapters or software

No Hidden Costs or Lockins

Accredited Advisor

eFax is one of the first fax vendors to be named an nbn Business Accredited Adviser

Super easy set-up

  • Complete the online enquiry form, be sure to include the number you want to transfer to eFax®
  • Our friendly customer support team will call you to verify the porting details and explain the process
  • Your existing fax number will be ported to eFax® - you can now send and receive faxes using your computer, smartphone or tablet!
  • Choose your new fax number from a wide range of both local and global numbers.
  • In less than 5 minutes of your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with your login details.
  • You are now ready to send and recieve faxes from your
    desktop, tablet or mobile.

Online Fax vs. Fax Machine

Is your fax machine not compatible with the NBN?

Upgrading to online fax is a no brainer for NBN users

Online fax vs Traditional fax

More Productive

Every stage of faxing is just easier. Send, receive, edit, sign & store faxes anywhere, any time, any device. Plus no time wasted on fax machine problems.

More Secure

Enhanced security & privacy to keep your most sensitive documents protected

More Efficient

Enhanced security & privacy to keep your most sensitive documents protected


The cost savings are just the tip of the iceberg!

Start saving big instantly with no monthly phone line rental costs

Compare the Savings

Want to keep your existing number?

Eliminate this expense while saving on fax line rentals, fax supplies and office space. We can even port your existing fax number over to eFax so you don’t have to give up your business fax number!

Transfer Your Number

Keep your Existing FAX number

Why eFax

Trusted and loved by over 11+ million customers worldwide Just like you

cities worldwide



Vast Inventory of Fax Numbers to choose from

1 Billion

Fax pages transmitted through eFax every month

of the top law firms

Businesses where client confidentiality is a must


Fortune 500 companies trust eFax with their faxes


of service calls resolved in less than 2 minutes

24 / 7

Around the Clock Customer and Tech Support


customer satisfaction Feefo

Included Features

The kind of features you expect from
the World’s #1 Online Fax Service.

Fax Wherever. Whenever. Run your business from anywhere

Fax By EmailFax by Email

Digital Signature Digital Signature

eFax® Mobile App eFax® Mobile App

Large File Transfer Large File Transfer

eFax PDF Converter eFax PDF Converter

Unlimited Storage Unlimited Storage

App For MS Word App For MS Word

Fax Multiple Recipients Fax Multiple Recipients

Fax Preview Fax Preview

Fax Templates Fax Templates

Tag & Search Tag & Search

Cloud Storage Cloud Storage

Send Storage Send Storage

Free Fax Pages Free Fax Pages

My Account My Account

Address Book Address Book

iOS App iOS App

Android App Android App

Technology for the way you work now



Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device. Freedom you
can get used to.



Bullet Proof Security & Privacy You Love about
Fax. Just on another level



Seamless integration with your favourite apps. Zero
Compromises. 100% Productivity

How eFax Works?

Send and receive faxes as email attachments

Most Frequently Asked Questions

eFax FAQ

What is eFax?
eFax is the world leader in internet faxing, offering fast, reliable fax service to countries all over the world. With eFax you can manage your fax messages alongside other document based communications right from your email!

Why do I need to move my Telstra fax number to eFax?
You may need to move to eFax® if your existing fax machine is not compatible with the NBN, or your connection does not support fax transmission. eFax® allows you to keep your existing fax number, and have the convenience of being able to send and receive faxes from your computer,smartphone or tablet.

What's in the 30-day free trial?
With a 30-day free trial, you are given a chance to experience all the benefits of a full eFax Plus® member risk-free for 30 days. Send faxes. Receive faxes. Access all features of the eFax website and eFax Message Center. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, cancel the account before the trial is over and be charged nothing.

Why do you need my credit card info?
A credit card is necessary to help us prevent fraudulent use of eFax services. During the 30-day free trial, your credit card will not be charged as long as usage does not exceed monthly limits for sending or receiving. At the end of the 30-day free trial, monthly subscription and usage fees will be charged automatically each month.

When will I be able to send and receive faxes?
You will be able to send and receive faxes immediately upon activation of your account.

Can I get a number in another city/country?
With eFax you can choose a number from thousands of cities all over the world.

Will I get my own fax number?
Your eFax number will be a number solely assigned for your use and will function like any normal fax number for your callers.

Is there any difference between a fax machine and eFax for my callers?
Your callers will experience no difference from a standard fax machine in using your eFax number. They will dial the eFax number just like any other telephone number.

How can I send faxes from my mobile phone?
To set your account up to send from your mobile phone:
Login to your account.
Click on Preferences.
Click on Send Options.
Enter your mobile device email address in the textbox provided.
Once your account is setup, sending a fax from your mobile phone is as easy as sending an email. Find more information on sending faxes from email.

Can I receive a fax on monre than one email accound
You can receive faxes at up to five (5) email addresses per eFax number.

Can I have more than one fax number?
Yes, you can have multiple fax numbers assigned to your eFax account.


How can I check if my number can be ported to eFax®?
Simply fill out the online form here, and one of our Customer Support team members will contact you to discuss the porting of your number to eFax®.

Is my fax machine compatible with NBN?
To check this you will need to check with the manufacturer of your Fax machine. If it’s not, you can still keep your fax number by porting to eFax®.

How long does it take to port my number to eFax®?
Porting takes approximately 3-4 weeks.

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