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Multi-function Printer Copier Fax

Looking for a printer, copier, scanner, fax? Now you can skip the fax with eFax

True paperless faxing is here. Cloud-based faxing is the easiest way to fax without the need for a physical fax machine, a dedicated fax/phone line and it works on any network, not just on the NBN.

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The fax service that can do it all Upgrade to cloud fax and save

Are you switching over to the NBN? Or thinking of upgrading your multi-function printer copier scanner fax? Consider upgrading your fax service to eFax.

Faxing on the cloud with eFax has it’s benefits

Fax by email

Fax by email

Send and receive faxes directly from your email address with a real fax number that’s tied to your email.

Fax on the go

Fax on the go

Now you can send and receive faxes from anywhere with any smartphone, laptop, tablet that’s connected to the internet.

Works without lines

Works without lines

You don’t need any phone lines, fax lines to be able to send or receive faxes. Your fax number lives on the cloud.

Never busy

Never busy

Waiting for faxes by the fax machine is a thing of the past. Online fax numbers can handle concurrent faxes being sent and received with zero waiting around.

Always online

Always online

Your online fax service is always online 100% of the time. Always ready and online. This means you’ll never miss a fax even if you are offline.

You still get fax receipts

You still get fax receipts

Your fax receipts and confirmations are now sent directly to your email and stored in your web account for your records. No more waiting around.

Keep your fax numbers

Keep your fax numbers

Switching to an online fax service doesn’t mean you sacrifice your existing fax numbers. Simply port them over to eFax.

It’s more secure

It’s more secure

Online fax is more secure with highly secure TLS encryption technology and other measures to ensure compliance.

It’s compliant

It’s compliant

Traditional faxing isn’t built to meet the stringent compliance and data security requirements of today’s standards.

Is your fax digital ready?

Fax online

Send and receive faxes digitally (via web, email, app etc.)

Any network

Works on any internet enabled network (NBN, 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi)

Cloud fax number

A fax number that’s never busy and always online on the cloud

No physical connection

Doesn’t require a phone line, VOIP line or modem connection

Device agnostic

Doesn’t require a fax machine to send and receive faxes

best of fax

Best of fax and best
of email together

eFax combines the best of fax technology as a secure document delivery platform with the simplicity and convenience of email. By moving faxing to the cloud, eFax is able to deliver all the benefits of the cloud such as mobility, digital workflows, scale and reliability to transform faxing in the digital age. With eFax, you truly get the best of both worlds with zero compromise.

Invest in the future not on outdated technology

With the PSTN network being phased out as the NBN network is rolled-out, the infrastructure that used to enable old-fashioned landlines systems will no longer be operational. Adopting a digital fax solution such as eFax will achieve a more secure and stable fax solution than other alternatives like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which was designed for phone calls and not designed to deliver fax communications.

Remove legacy fax hardware

such as fax machines, servers and fax lines

Retain existing fax numbers

by transferring to a digital cloud fax service

Revolutionise your faxing experience

with digital cloud fax

Unify cloud faxing with your networked MFPs

With the eFax Corporate MFP Fax Direct feature, you can integrate your business’ fax infrastructure with the world’s #1 cloud fax service — and still maintain the ability to send and receive paper faxes when necessary. The best part: you can do this by leveraging hardware you’ve already invested in — your networked Multifunction Printers.

  • Cloud fax system that lets you fax from the MFP glass
  • Senders receive an email confirming fax delivery
  • Transmissions and usage logs are available online
  • Easily integrates into your IT environment
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The Most Robust, Reliable Cloud Faxing Solution Trusted
By Australia’s Most Trusted Companies

Compare the differences between fax machines and eFax

  circle fax

Fax Machine

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Immobile and heavy hardware units that often require landline connection to operate

Accessible anywhere with an internet connection. Allows for flexible and remote faxing


Requires ink, toner, paper and maintenance, resulting in high costs from regular usage

A totally digital format that only requires access to digital devices. Low cost and light on resources


The ability to send and receive fax documents from other fax machines

Large file transfers, submits fax to multiple recipients, simultaneous access for several users and more

Legal Uses

Send and receive legal documentation through submission of signatures and reliable date stamps

Send and receive legal documentation through electronic signatures and date stamps


Purchase machines and find office space for new units to increase fax volume. Or remove old and unused units if volume decreases

Unlimited scalability and bandwidth. Immediately purchase a higher number of online fax credits to keep up with demand, or reduce subscription size to fit your needs

Document Management

Print and store all required documents in physical units such as filing cabinets

Save and archive received and sent documents on secure cloud servers for easy access


Limited security options, leading to the potential for unauthorised third-party access

Advanced encryption, 24/7 live security monitoring and access controls to files


Not compliant with HIPAA/GLB, phone lines are not encrypted and audit trails not kept by user

Meets all major compliance requirements, standards and regulations


Paper based storage and archiving or require manual digitising of documents for online storage

Storage of all faxes in digital format in highly secure encrypted environments on the cloud for easy search, tagging and retrieval


Sits outside or separate to digital workflow streams and applications requiring manual intervention

Seamless workflows with digital document delivery of faxes. Application integration with eFax Fax API, SAP connector and eFax Router

Enterprise Grade

Poor scalability, reliability and workflow integration make it a poor choice for enterprise use

Highly scalable, secure, reliable and seamlessly integrates with enterprise grade applications

Solutions to the rescue

Choose the eFax product that works for your business

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Recommended For

  • Individuals & teams
  • Small businesses
  • Low volume faxing

What’s Important

  • Faxing on the go
  • Convenience of faxing via email
  • Lower cost faxing
eFax logo White

Recommended For

  • SMB & large enterprise
  • Heavily regulated industries
  • High volume faxing

What’s Important

  • Centralised fax management
  • Compliance & security
  • Advanced API integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. An eFax fax number is a real fax number.

Yes. Anyone including users with traditional fax machines and fax numbers can send a fax to your eFax fax number just like faxing any other fax number. Nothing changes.

You will receive the fax directly to your linked email address or access via the eFax web portal or mobile app.

Yes. You can simply enter the recipient’s fax number and send faxes to any fax number worldwide.

Moving to eFax with a virtual fax number means you aren’t reliant on a single connection or phone line. This means your fax service is not impacted by multiple single points of failure such as the fax machine not working, NBN/phone line connection being down or power outage. The fax number is always online 24/7.

The NBN is digital in nature and doesn’t work with traditional analogue based fax machines. This combined with the disconnection of PSTN phone lines means traditional fax numbers will be disconnected unless transferred to a VOIP service.
Switching to an online fax service is the most reliable, cost effective and future ready option without the need to retrofit your existing fax service to work with the NBN.

A eFax cloud fax number is network agnostic so it seamlessly works regardless of what network you use to access the internet. This means it works on any network (3G, Wi-Fi hotspots, 4G, 5G, ADSL, NBN etc.) with the peace of mind that the service is always online even when you aren’t.

Transferring or porting your existing fax numbers is easy with a simple application process. It normally takes 4 weeks to successfully port a number over to eFax from your existing telco carrier (Telstra, Optus, AAPT, Primus, Commander etc.). In the meantime we can simply provide you with a temporary fax number with the option of diverting your existing fax number to the eFax service.

Yes. You can simply notify your existing telco or fax number provider to put a diversion on your existing fax number/s to a fax number provided by eFax. This will ensure you will receive all faxes sent to your existing number straight into your eFax service.

Please note this will mean you will need to still maintain monthly line rental with your existing telco to keep the fax number active.

No problem. You can port a whole number range over to eFax.

Most customers migrating to eFax decide to consolidate and reduce the number of active fax numbers given the bandwidth limitations etc. that doesn’t impact virtual fax numbers compared to their traditional counterparts.

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