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VoIP Fax vs. Cloud Fax

Don’t sacrifice reliability with VoIP Faxing

Moving to the NBN doesn’t mean VoIP fax is the only choice. Explore how cloud fax technology can help achieve superior reliability, productivity and compliance requirements for modern business.

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Why Fax Over VOIP & SIP is Unreliable
and How The Cloud Can Help

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Unlike a VoIP fax service, cloud faxing is a completely different experience

Traditional fax numbers require an active physical phone line alongside a fax machine to send and receive faxes. This lack of flexibility ties faxing to a single location, single fax machine and a single fax line impacting productivity, mobility and convenience. A cloud fax number with eFax lifts these limitations while improving overall faxing experience for today’s enterprises.

With a cloud fax number

  • No phone lines – No monthly line rental fees, 100% cordless fax number.
  • Never busy fax numbers – Always online fax numbers on the cloud mean you’ll never miss a fax.
  • Never tied to a single device or location – Works with any internet enabled device (laptop, phone, computer or tablet) anywhere in the world.
  • NBN & 5G ready – It works on the NBN network or any network with access to the internet.
  • None of the frustrations – No busy signals, no waiting, send multiple faxes simultaneously and never worry about missing a fax again.
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Best of fax and best
of email together

eFax combines the best of fax technology as a secure document delivery platform with the simplicity and convenience of email. By moving faxing to the cloud, eFax is able to deliver all the benefits of the cloud such as mobility, digital workflows, scale and reliability to transform faxing in the digital age. With eFax, you truly get the best of both worlds with zero compromise.

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It all starts with a smarter fax number

Moving your faxing to the cloud means your fax numbers lose all the limitations of being tied down to a physical phone line along with all the common frustrations associated with faxing. The best part about migrating to cloud fax service with eFax is that you get to keep your existing fax numbers or easily choose from the largest available inventory of local Australian and international fax numbers available.

The Most Robust, Reliable Cloud Faxing Solution Trusted
By Australia’s Most Trusted Companies