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Cloud Faxing Enablement for Secure Document Exchange

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As part of its day-to-day operations, UAB Hospital receives hundreds of faxes, which include requests to schedule patient appointments and receive physician orders for treatment. This information requires timely management and security, and the time-intensive, inefficient paper-based fax process requires multiple manual steps. To ensure the security of electronic protected health information and other confidential patient information, including personal and financial information, UAB made the move to cloud faxing. Cloud-based technology is gaining popularity across all specialties as a mechanism to lower costs and improve patient services. Here, we will explore the numerous advantages of deploying cloud faxing technology to enhance collaborative care, and describe how it can also boost productivity and reduce operating costs:
– How cloud faxing optimizes existing business processes
– How cloud faxing saves time and money for UAB
– How cloud faxing meets HIPAA requirements

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