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Cyber Hacking in Healthcare & Best Practices for Securing ePHI Webinar | eFax Corporate

Thank you for your Whitepaper request!… – This eFax Corporate webinar on “Cyber Hacking in Healthcare & The Best Practices for Securing ePHI in 2015” will reinforce best practice approaches using the widely accepted SANS Security Model. We will discuss a data-centric approach to securing Protected Health Information. Last year alone, over 10 million people in the US were impacted by healthcare industry data breaches. Information housed by covered entities provides fertile ground for hackers because it contains the most valuable information such as names, birthdates – and most importantly – Social Security numbers, which are key pieces of data used by hackers to open new credit lines, create fake medical records, or apply for loans. It’s clear that covered entities are a target of these cyber criminals.

Types of breaches and how they occur
The stages of a data breach
Paradigm shift in data protection
Key tips and best practices for securing and transmitting ePHI
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