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Protecting ePHI Transmissions in Healthcare – Is your Business Secure? | eFax Corporate®

Thank you for your Whitepaper request!… – Transmission of sensitive, electronic protected healthcare information (PHI and ePHI) is a critical activity for healthcare providers, especially with increasingly stringent HIPAA regulations, and the ever present threat of cyber-attacks. Adding to this challenge, Health IT thought leaders and practice managers are increasingly burdened with managing multiple platforms for transmission of PHI/ePHI – from BYOD and Fax to email and messaging.

What are the common communication methods used to transmit PHI
What is considered a secure transmission
What are some common misconceptions about security and transmission of PHI
What the HIPAA Standard on Encryption and Integrity of Transmission is
Several compliance pitfalls to avoid in 2016
How a cloud fax model can enhance security and compliance with HIPAA
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