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Why Cloud Faxing is the Right Move

Relative to the many demands on today’s IT teams, spending capital, time and resources to maintain physical fax servers and infrastructure is not a high priority. But fax capability remains a business need simply because many established industries — such as legal, healthcare, financial services and manufacturing — are dependent on the security, reliability and process integration of their fax infrastructure. With this in mind, evaluating new fax technologies, which can help to balance business needs against the demands on IT — and to meet the service-level requirements for internal and external consumers of electronically transmitted fax documents — is a wise investment of your time.

…and eFax Corporate
is the Right Partner.

In this Whitepaper we’ll be exploring:

  • Outsourcing your Fax Infrastructure to the Cloud
  • A Critical Look at the Three Types of Enterprise Fax Solutions
  • How to Find the Right Cloud Fax Provider — 8 Questions to Ask

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