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3 Reasons Your Business Should Embrace Mobile Technologies

Mobile technologies are the next big thing in today’s business world. Innovations and developments in things like cloud computing, remote workspaces and digital communication have helped shape a new era of business. Gone are the days of workers strapped to desks and confined in offices from nine to five! Instead, mobile technologies are allowing businesses to expand, become more flexible, and achieve greater results.

So what does it mean for business to go mobile? And what should your business embrace the multitude of mobile technologies now available? Let’s find out with these top three reasons!

1. The efficiency of mobile technologies can save you valuable time AND help you cut costs.

One of the biggest advantages for businesses embracing mobile technologies is that you can save some serious time – and after all, time is money. The increased productivity in general you’ll gain from going mobile will definitely cut down on business costs, but there are even more ways it’ll help you save time and money.

One key way you’ll benefit is through less time and money spent on employee travel. It’s now super easy to communicate and interact with clients all around the world – via mobile communication providers such as Skype and cloud-based 1300-number providers such as Zintel, for example. Where once you had to travel to attend an important intercompany meeting or consult with clients, you can now communicate from the comfort of your own home or office!

Businesses are also benefiting from mobile collaboration and presentation software, which can be used anywhere and controlled from portable devices. This means, for instance, that if your business needs to deliver a presentation at a conference or external site, you can easily create and deliver it through a mobile device. This saves plenty of time and effort, and allows you to be as efficient and professional as possible.

2. Mobile technologies allow for great flexibility in the workplace.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of going mobile is the flexibility it allows your business and your employees.

As we mentioned above, a workplace is no longer defined or confined by an office in which your employees are effectively stuck day after day. Instead, mobile technologies now allow for work to be conducted remotely. This might mean employees working from home or simply while they’re on the go. Whatever the method, utilising mobile technologies gives employees the chance to unchain themselves from the office and refresh their working routines.

As long as you conduct regular performance reviews and ensure that your employees remain trustworthy and reliable, you’re sure to see an increase in productivity – and also in employee satisfaction. Your workers will appreciate the trust vested in them, and will likely relish the opportunity to achieve goals and results in a more flexible environment.

3. Going mobile will help you stay up-to-date and ahead of your competition.

In today’s competitive business world, there’s nothing more important than being up-to-date, and staying in line with – or ahead of – your competition. You can’t afford to be using outdated technology and equipment, especially in this advanced digital era.

Take that old office staple, the fax machine, for example. If you’re still using a physical machine, which involves a lot of extra effort and cost, you’re one step behind those that have already migrated to internet faxing. (Yes, even fax has now gone digital!) Providers such as eFax allow you to use this older method of communication in an updated, more efficient way – and most importantly, you can take things on the road with dedicated mobile apps and remote access.

This is just the start of a multitude of business functions that can be upgraded and improved by making the switch to mobile technologies. Everything from marketing (through mobile-focused social media platforms) to file storage (through remote-access cloud-based storage) can be made more efficient, effective and progressive – all through a few simple upgrades to mobile technologies.


So, are you now convinced to make a move towards going mobile? Perhaps it’s time to fully embrace and take advantage of the multitudes of mobile technologies available to businesses today. Trust us – your employees, your funds and your business in general will thank you for it!

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