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5 ways an online fax service can transform your real estate business

5 ways an online fax service can transform your real estate business


The property industry is facing increased pressures. With lowering margins, changes in consumer sentiment, and hyped media reporting – you’ve probably got your business processes under the spotlight. And there’s an urgency in finding efficiencies that bring cost benefits.

Documentation is the basis for all real estate transactions.

Buying, selling and renting homes is highly regulated and the progress of every transaction is reliant on a signed legal document. Faxes have been the accepted way of doing this for decades.

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With documents (and communication of those documents) being a central point of all real estate businesses, it makes sense to look for improvements in the way documents are handled.

Embrace technology to create time and cut costs

Online fax services harness the potential of cloud computing but still meet the needs of consumers in a traditional way. And for a real estate business that has agents out and about working non-standard hours, it’s impractical to be tethered to the limitations of an office fax machine.

An online fax service can transform your business in ways you probably haven’t even considered. It isn’t just about simplifying the fax process. It’s also about adding functionality and convenience to a traditional communication tool.

Sending fax online couldn’t be easier. Forget the busy signals, paper jams, and lost faxes. You can send a fax to a normal fax machine from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone and know it will reach its destination. As long as you have an internet connection (and who hasn’t got one these days), you can continue to do business.

And receiving faxes is just as simple. You get them on your desktop, tablet or smartphone, in much the same way you receive an email. Indeed, the best online fax actually provides a fax app that works exactly like an email app – but for faxes.

Here are 5 ways an online fax service will transform your real estate business

1. Improve service levels – customers and stakeholders will reward you

There’s no doubt that customers expect more these days. They want to deal with businesses that are responsive to their needs and provide better service and faster turnarounds. It’s obvious – the pace of business has changed. So, why are we still hanging by the fax machine waiting on that signed document?

The real estate industry is unique. In addition to customers, there are also stakeholders involved in each property transaction. From banks and solicitors through to builders and property developers (and everything in between), progress rests on being able to communicate and action information quickly.

That’s why using a fax service that’s completely online can help you manage these communication channels better. By switching to online fax service, you can get out on the road, get on the phone and get more listings – without ever risking missing a fax, and without ever being unable to send one. And you can legally sign and fax documents on the go too, all on your phone.

By having documents and information right there on your smartphone or tablet, you can be more responsive and answer client enquiries immediately. This will improve the experience for your customers and stakeholders, and set you apart from other agents. Building these relationships is the key to word of mouth referrals and repeat business. The stuff that spells success for a real estate agency.

2. Reduce costs – save thousands by switching

Switching to an online fax service could save you thousands. You can return these expenses to your bottom line immediately:

● Purchase of new fax machines

● Additional phone line rental

● Fax consumables (toner and paper)

● Repairs and maintenance

But there are also costs to your business that go beyond the price of consumables. For example, the time burden associated with traditional faxing can have a huge impact. Whether it’s waiting for faxes, calling telcos when the line is down, or arranging repairs and maintenance, it’s a considerable imposition on your real estate agency team. It also means the process of selling or leasing a home can only move as fast as the traditional fax system allows.

Time is money. Don’t accept fax machine glitches and document delays as the status quo any longer. Switch to online fax service, get your documents straight away and take immediate action so you can get deals done sooner.

3. Save time – put the focus back on your core business

By digitising your major communication channel, you’re in the position of giving yourself and your staff the opportunity to focus on your core business – and that’s getting houses sold or leased.

Efficiency will be the name of the game with an online fax service. No more phone tag or follow up. Agents can focus on sales instead of chasing faxes and coordinating with admin. Admin staff can focus on support instead of sending, filing and retrieving paper documents. And no one will be on the phone to telcos or IT support staff.

Online fax is also a great way to get your less tech-savvy (aka tech-resistant) team members on the technology bandwagon. It’s easy to use, relevant to their daily jobs, and will save them bucketloads of time. So – perhaps for the first time ever – they’ll see the benefits of technology, and how it can improve their work, and will be more likely to be open to it in other areas. The time benefits of this will flow across your entire organisation.

4. Streamline office processes – remove the need for paper shuffling

In an industry where most of your processes are dominated by paperwork, getting rid of the paper shuffle in your office has an immediate impact.

No need to print, file or store – you can receive, sign, and send faxes from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. And all your faxes will be saved securely in cloud storage so you can always access them when needed.

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5. Seamless integration – Keep up with new technology

It’s widely known that traditional fax machines don’t play well with the NBN™. You simply can’t use them to send or receive faxes over the NBN™. (If you’ve already switched over to the NBN™, you’ll know just what we’re talking about.) This can have a considerable impact on a business like yours that relies on documentation to get things done.

If the NBN™ is yet to roll out in your area, you’re in luck. Switching to an online fax service before the rollout means you can keep the same fax number you’ve had for years. It’s called porting and it means a seamless change for your business. No need to notify customers or change paperwork and signage, it’s the simplest way to make a change.

However, changing over to an online fax service takes time. It may take 8 – 12 weeks to port an existing number, no matter who your provider is. And if you get the NBN™ before you port – or even while you’re porting – your existing fax number will be cancelled, and you’ll have to jump through all sorts of hoops to get it back. So if the NBN™ is coming to your area soon, don’t muck around…

Here are a few more online fax benefits – just for good measure

Document management – digitise your records.

Remove the labor-intensive exercise of collating, filing, and storing faxed documents. Your online faxes will be saved securely in the cloud ready for you to access anywhere and anytime—no need to wait until you’re back in the office.

Compliance and confidentiality

You’re in an industry that’s highly regulated, but still requires extraordinary volumes of documentation that contains confidential information. An online fax service keeps it private and secure, but quick and easy to find when you need it.

Environmentally responsible

If you’ve been thinking about a paperless office, here’s one way to tackle the mountain of paperwork that a fax machine brings. Save paper and consumables by switching to online fax service.

Features of a great online fax service

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, it’s important to look for these features when choosing an online fax service.

● Ability to port your existing traditional fax number (for free)

● Ability to send to, and receive faxes from, traditional fax machines

● A smartphone app so you’re always able to access faxes (one that works just like your email app, but for faxes)

● Ability to digitally sign and send faxes from your desktop or smartphone

● Send large files that can’t be sent by email.

What’s the bottom line? What does a virtual fax really mean for your real estate business?

In a nutshell… Productivity increases. Wait-time decreases. The deal gets done.

You’ll sell more houses. You’ll lease more properties. Differentiate yourself from your competitors by making it quicker and easier to do business with you.

If you’d like to streamline your operations so you and your staff can focus on your core business, consider eFax. We can do all this, and more.

Speak to us and we’ll let you know how to simplify your fax processes and get you completely online.

Still, have questions?

eFax is NBN™ compatible, making it future proof for incoming technology. With eFax, you’ll be able to smoothly transition to the NBN™, as eFax allows you to keep using your existing number from day one. eFax’s online fax services require no hardware, meaning they can be instantly and seamlessly deployed into any business. For a provider that gives Australian businesses a secure and reliable online fax solution, look no further than eFax.

To see what eFax can do for your business, start a 30-day free trial or call 1800 283 361.

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