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Best Online Technology Services for Your Business

In modern businesses, your aptitude for technology can make or break you. Businesses that don’t bother to stay up to date or test out new ways of doing things can quickly fall behind and end up watching others succeed thanks to their adaption to new technology. There are so many technology services out there that can help your business, no matter what type it is. Here are some of our top recommendations.


Square is one of many options on the market available to help you take customer payments. All you require is a bank account, and a “Square Reader” (a small plastic sensor that attaches to an IOS or Android device) to get started. No longer will you have to watch as people see the “CASH ONLY” sign, sigh, and walk away to get cash out. Services like Square are perfect for small or mobile businesses that want to offer credit card payments to make shopping more convenient for customers.


If you aren’t online, where ARE you? These days many bricks-and-mortar retail stores are creating their own online presence using e-commerce platforms. Not only does this reduce some costs (no need to rent out a physical space being one) but it can actually prove to be more successful than a traditional store would be.  Shopify makes it super easy to construct your own online store. It lets you accept major credit cards, add apps to your site and even ensure it can adapt to mobile.


Those slightly stressful moments prepping for a meeting, trying to remember what you know about your client or associate? Say goodbye. Charlie saves you time and energy by syncing with your calendar and providing you with a one-page cheat sheet with all the important need-to-know information about the person (or people) you are meeting with. By giving you personalised facts, such as any shared interests, Charlie helps you forge meaningful connections that can further your business’s success in the future.

Social media

If you aren’t already using social media, you’re letting your business down. Whether it’s as simple as setting up a Facebook page so customers can find your location and opening hours, or keeping an active Instagram account, social media can boost awareness of your business and has proved successful for many in the past. Some businesses drive customers to their products or services purely through the power of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest can make a big impact. Be sure to do research beforehand and figure out which social media sites are worth your while, based on the type of business you run. Another great site to use is Linkedin, which connects working professionals based on shared interests or mutual contacts. Linkedin is an excellent way to network and discover mentors, business partners, employees or contractors for your business.


E-mail marketing is a huge part of business today and it is important to be organised. MailChimp allows you to create professional, creative EDMs and schedule them to suit your campaign. Over 10 million people use MailChimp, and it’s easy to see why with features like advanced analytics, flexible design options and automation. There are also three pricing options, ranging from free up to $25 a month. Each price point is designed to suit a type of business – a start up, a growing business or enterprise level. Pick the one that suits you and get started today!

If you’ve been in business for a long time, it can be easy to get intimidated by the abundance of tech on the market today. However, it doesn’t have to be scary! The key to success lies with taking the first step – sign up to one, or all of these services, and see what a difference it can make. If you aren’t so technologically gifted, recruit a savvy team or family member to help you out.  We promise the results will be positive!

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