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Digital signatures and how it can help your business be greener

If you hadn’t already realised by now, reducing the size of your businesses carbon footprint can be a great selling point for clients. Not only that, you can have a clear conscience knowing you aren’t being wasteful and hurting the environment. If you’ve switched to recycled paper, installed LED light bulbs and encourage your employees to cycle or public transport to work – you’re taking steps in the right direction. If you’re lost as to what else you can do to become eco-friendlier, you have come to the right place, because the hot topic of today is digital signatures.

Before we had advanced online technology, we had the fax machine. When someone needed important information to get from point A to point B, it would be copied and sent via the telephone network to a receiving fax machine. Although this was convenient for millions of people at the time, it simultaneously damaged the environment by wasting a lot of paper. As recycling was not a priority back then either, it was rarely re-used.  Nowadays, there are ways of communicating that can benefit the environment, rather than tear it apart, and it is time for us to embrace them.

One of the main motivates for sending faxes in the past and today, is the need for signatures. Signatures are required whenever personal, private and/or legal information is being shared between two parties, or when consent is being obtained. Many industries rely on signatures to function, in a practical and ethical sense. Fortunately, there are now methods of signing a document that do not require a pen or paper, thanks to online fax.

Programs like eFax have been created to re-invent the idea of faxing. No longer does it need to be done through a heavy old machine or the telephone network. Online fax services enable you to send a fax via digital technologies like e-mail, a mobile app or their website. Rather than waste paper, you can scan your document onto your computer or mobile device, and easily send it off.

Digital signatures are digital codes that are attached to an electronically transmitted document to verify its contents and the sender’s identity. A digital signature may also be a signature, written by hand, that has been inserted into a document using a scanner, signature tool or photograph. Where you would have previously had to print, sign and re-send a document, you can now simply attach a copy of your signature or sign then and there using your mobile or tablet’s touch screen. Imagine how much faster the transactions between customers and legal, financial, health, professional and other services could be if everyone used this new form of fax. Furthermore, online fax supports mobility, a growing trend in the workforce. Employees are looking for more flexible working arrangements – working from home or other locations. Using the mobile app, they can still attend to business wherever they are, without the need for a fax machine or wasting paper.

Utilising an online fax account will simultaneously help to save the environment and save your business time. By embracing online fax, you can give your customers yet another reason to be impressed by your environmentally-friendly policy. At the same time, your business will become more modern, smart and efficient. The year is 2016 – the best methods of communication are both effective and “green”.

The service available from eFax enables you to send large files, gives you lifetime storage and your own toll-free number, just to name a few features. You can try it for free today with their 30-day free trial, and discover why so many businesses are switching to online fax.

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