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What Is A Fax Number and Can It Be Used Online?

As businesses are increasingly globalised, many Australians wonder if their fax number can be used to send faxes online and internationally. In this article, we’ll explain what a fax number is, how it’s used and how you can get an online fax number for your business.

What is a fax number?

A fax number is similar to a phone number, except it is used to send and receive faxes rather than calls. Fax numbers are used globally and include 15 digits or less.

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Internet Fax Number vs. Traditional Fax Number?

Internet fax numbers and traditional fax numbers follow the same format but are used for two different types of faxing. While traditional faxing transfers faxes over the phone lines, online faxing (or “internet faxing”) sends faxes over the internet.

With online faxing, you can have a fax number and service without a fax machine, making online faxing cheaper and more flexible for businesses on-the-go.

How Many Numbers in a Fax Number?

While the number of digits included in a fax number varies slightly between regions, fax numbers worldwide use the same format:

+(country code)(area code)(fax number)

All fax numbers start with a country code (like “61” for Australia) to identify the country the fax is being sent to. Regions and cities in each country are then given an area code (like “2” for Sydney). Finally, each fax service is given a unique local number (like “44401923”).

To send an online fax, you simply type in the recipient’s full number, like this: “+61344401923”.

Fax numbers are also used when sending online faxes through email, except your fax number fits into the format “[email protected]”. For example, “+61344401923” becomes “[email protected]”.

Fax Numbers in Australia

In Australia, all fax services use the country code “+61”. Major cities have the following area codes:

State / Territory

Fax Area Code

















As Australia is currently switching to the NBN, businesses need to use an NBN-compatible fax provider like eFax to continue faxing smoothly.

How To Get Your Own Online Fax Number?

Businesses can get an online fax number by signing up with an online fax provider like eFax, who offer fax numbers from over 4,700 cities worldwide. With eFax, there are three ways your business can get started with online faxing.

Method #1. Buy a Fax Number

When you set up a traditional fax machine, you need to buy a new fax number through a local phone provider or telecommunications company. With online fax providers like eFax, however, your subscription fee includes a free online fax number. Here’s how to redeem it.

Step 1. Navigate to the ‘Sign Up’ tab on the eFax website.

Step 2. Choose a country and city for your online fax service. This does not have to be the country and city you are located in.

Step 3. Select a fax number from the list of randomly generated numbers, or click the navigation arrow to select a different fax number from the full list.

Step 4. Press ‘Setup Account’. Enter your account details.

Step 5. Enter your address and payment details, and click “Start Faxing”.

Once your details have been processed, you can start using your new fax number through the eFax portal, desktop app, mobile apps or your email.

Method #2. Setup Online Fax With An Existing Fax Number

If you are already a regular fax user, you may be hesitant to change your fax number when switching to online faxing. Thankfully, eFax can help you port your fax number – allowing you to use it for online faxing.

To transfer your number to eFax, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click here to access eFax’s porting form.

Step 2. Fill in the form with your contact details, your current service provider and the fax number you want to port. Select “Submit”.

Step 3. Wait for eFax’s customer service team to contact you, or call 1800 283 361 to speak with an agent directly.

Step 4. Once an agent has confirmed that your number can be ported, complete the eFax signup process.

After you have completed these steps, eFax will port your fax number as quickly as possible.

Method #3. Forward Your Fax Number to an Online Fax Number

If your business has an old fax number that cannot be used for online faxing, you can still receive faxes by forwarding your faxes to your new online fax number. Here’s how.

Step 1. Click here.

Step 2. Select a new fax number from the options provided.

Step 3. Complete the signup process by entering your contact and payment details.

Step 4. Contact your old fax service provider directly, and request that your faxes are forwarded to your new fax number. Alternatively, you can set up fax forwarding manually if your fax machine allows it.

Step 5. Send a test fax to confirm your faxes are forwarding.

Once you have completed the forwarding process, you will need to keep your old fax service connected.

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Utilising Online Fax Number For Local and International Faxing

With online fax providers like eFax, you can send faxes locally and internationally from the convenience of your computer, smartphone or tablet.

eFax is a leading online fax provider worldwide, serving over 11 million people across 46 countries. As eFax wants to help Australian businesses build a secure and reliable fax connection, they’re offering a 30-day free trial. When you try eFax, you’ll get a free fax number, 24/7 customer support, up to 400 free faxes and unlimited access to eFax’s full range of features:

  • PDF document converter

  • Tag and Search

  • MS Word compatible app

  • Digital signatures

  • Free cloud-based storage

  • Fax preview

  • Large file faxing up to 3GB

eFax is also an NBN-ready fax provider. As Australia switches to the NBN, businesses nationwide are losing their fax connection – but not with eFax. eFax customers fax through an NBN number, meaning you won’t lose your fax line when connecting to the new network.

Start your free eFax trial by calling 1800 283 361 or clicking here.

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