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Finding the best employee for your business

It is a truth universally acknowledged that great employees are an essential factor in making a business successful. Without collaborative, creative and hardworking team members most businesses would fail to make it off the ground – but how do you find and hire great employees? Locating good employees that fit well in your company and add value to your business can often be like searching for a needle in a haystack. It can also take up considerable time and money. However, by following these simple steps the sometimes onerous process of finding the best employee for your business will be made much easier.

Clear Criteria

It is important to understand exactly what role you are looking to fill and the skillset required when hiring a new employee. It may be hard to look beyond a glowing CV, but unless a potential employee has experience doing certain tasks, they may not be able to fulfil expectations. This can lead to a negative employment experience, for both the employee and the company. Remember to be clear about your expectations at all stages of the recruitment process, from the advertisement through to the interview stage, to ensure the potential employee satisfies your requirements.

Job Websites

The time of posting job vacancies in newspapers has long past, with those seeking jobs now looking online for opportunities. There are many websites devoted to job postings, and it is important that your business chooses the right one for the position you are seeking to advertise. Your posting must attract attention, but also the right attention and the right candidate. Don’t waste time or money posting a job advert on a website that is unlikely to be frequented by your potential employee. For example, you may be looking for an employee that has trained at a specific college or university. It would be a good use of resources to advertise through that college or university’s job page rather than posting the job on a general job website.

The online job search market has become so popular that websites such as Gumtree now have their own ‘Jobs’ section on the website to attract job seekers or employers who may be using the site for other purposes. Gumtree now has over 80,000 jobs within Australia advertised online and it is a great platform to reach potential employees in a number of industries.


Networking is a valuable tactic to scout potential employees in modern recruitment. Business revolves around relationships, and it is important to remember that future employees or colleagues can come from the relationships you build and maintain. Direct referrals from colleagues or industry peers can operate as an initial screening process, particularly when you know the prospective employee is being referred by a reliable source.

It is also vital to take advantage of online networking, particularly LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking website. Such websites not only allow you to advertise jobs and find potential employees, but also build professional relationships online that can lead to job opportunities in the future.

The interview

The interview is a crucial stage in the process of hiring the best employee for your company. A good strategy is to open the interview with a general conversation. This calms the interviewee and gives you a better feel for their personality and whether they will git well in the company. It is also important to use a variety of closed and open questions that allow you to obtain specific information but also allow the interviewee to frame the response in their own words. Remember to offer as much information about the company and the role as possible, to ensure the potential employee understands what will be expected of them and give them the chance to answer any questions. By facilitating an open and honest interviewing process you will get a better picture of what your potential employee is really like and whether they will be the best person for the role.


Finding and hiring the best employee for your business is a significant process that should not be taken lightly. By following the above steps your business will be in a strong position to identify, attract and gain the best talent for your team.

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