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Why It’s Time You Changed to Online Fax


Why It’s Time You Changed to Online Fax

It’s important that any efficient business is always looking for new ways to upgrade to better systems. One common mistake is businesses still relying on fax machines in a digital age. Here’s why it’s time you changed to online fax.

Online fax saves maintenance and resources

Online faxes save your business significantly in terms of money and resources. They are paperless, so you’re saving on buying paper, and on dealing with paper waste. And not just the paper used for business documents either, but also the pages used for those dreaded error messages!

Your business no longer has to pay the hefty cost of machine maintenance, nor do you have to pay for toner and printer cartridges. Because you’re sending files via the internet, you’re avoiding the expense of long distance calls.

And think of all the stressful times when you’ve been unable to send a crucial document because the machine is broken or jammed. All these issues are instantly eliminated when you send a fax online, saving you considerable resources.

Allows you to send from anywhere

A virtual fax is perfectly tailored to your business needs. You can send a fax from any device – your tablet, phone, laptop or desktop. This means you can send faxes out on location or when working offsite. It provides your business with a greater level of flexibility and rapid response.

Has 24/7 capability

With an online fax, as long as you’re connected to the web, you can send large files anywhere and anytime. If you’re working offsite, you no longer need to find a copy shop to send or receive a fax.


Physical fax machines are anything but secure. Anyone can walk past the fax machine and read or take valuable documents that have come through. It’s also possible for data to remain in the machine’s memory and to be seen by others. With online faxing through eFax, SSL encryption ensures peace of mind. Faxes are also securely stored in the cloud.

Affordable and flexible prices

Online faxing is relatively cheap compared to the rigid costs of a physical fax machine. With eFax, you can choose a plan depending on your monthly usage needs.

Switch to online faxing for better business operations

It makes sense to turn your computer or mobile device into a fax and no longer be limited by location and cost. So improve your business’s communications through transferring to an online fax system.

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