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Free Internet Fax Services

Organize Your Faxes with A Free Fax Trial

Free Internet Fax Services

We like to think that eFax® makes it easy to send, receive, and organize your faxes by offering the best web user interface and apps for your computer and smartphone. While we support any computer with internet access and an email address, we also support Android and iOS. Consequently, it’s much easier for you to fax to multiple addresses while avoiding busy signals, paper jams and waiting for confirmations. Best of all, you don’t have to take our word for it. You can take advantage of a free 30-day trial and use every feature for yourself. If for any reason you are not satisfied during the trial with the service we provide, cancel anytime – no obligations.

Organize Your Faxes with A Free Fax Trial

You’ll discover that one of the features that our customers find extremely useful is the ability to store, organize, and search faxes in the cloud. During the free fax trial you can explore the ways your organization could benefit from the lifetime fax archiving service included with eFax®. You will be able to share access to important faxes and instantly search faxes using keywords. This will help you decentralize your office and keep your records at your fingertips. From you laptop or cellphone, you can quickly search through your fax archive and send documents via fax or email to anyone in the world.

Send Up To 200 Pages During Your Free Fax Trial

During the free fax trial, you can send up to 200 pages per month from your email. Likewise, you can receive up to 200 pages per month in your inbox. This feature allows you to quickly respond to clients and customers from any internet connected computer with an email address, regardless of your operating system. Windows, Mac, Linux, they can all use eFax services. This also applies to your Android or iOS device. Using our mobile fax app, your smartphone can double as a fax machine in your pocket.

Each Free Fax Trial Receives A Personal Fax Number

During the 30-day free fax trial, you will get a personal fax number of your choosing. Use this number to experiment with the service and explore the benefits of using eFax. You can even setup additional fax numbers easily. This allows you to have a different fax numbers in place for differing departments or personnel.

Sign up today and explore the benefits of eFax with a 30-day free fax trial. We’re offering access to every feature for 30-day and you can cancel at any time with no obligations.

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