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Get a new Australian e-fax with number porting

“USING eFax, no matter what communication I receive, I’m able to stay on top of developments in legal matters from my smartphone anywhere in the world, any time,” says lawyer Scott Brenner.

Who really uses faxes in this age of email and SMS? You will be surprised that it is still a vital tool in the portals of power. When Tony Abbott stepped down as prime minister last year, he reportedly sent his resignation to the governor-general via fax.

So there is life yet for the humble fax. But not in the previous avatar that most offices used – it has now been resurrected as the eFax.

There are advantages to using an online fax or eFax – it means you do not need to have a physical fax machine and can avoid the hassle of lost faxes, paper jams, breakdowns, paper and toner supplies.

A sentiment echoed by one online fax user Todd Morris CEO of BrickHouse Security: “eFax takes a chaotic paper experience, and makes faxing move as smoothly as email.”

Also, you can keep your confidential faxes private. Now they will not sit on a communal fax in-tray for the rest of the office to peek at because they are sent directly to your email inbox.

What are the added advantages of e-faxing?


Mobility. You can send and receive faxes from your PC, tablet or mobile while out of the office and on the move.

With eFax’s award-winning app, you can send and receive faxes anywhere on both iOS and Android. You can even sign documents on the go with the digitised signature.

Now eFax, the largest internet fax company in the world, is offering number porting to its customers in Australia.

This means that you can get rid of your traditional fax machine and replace it with the efficiency of online faxing with eFax and still keep your existing fax number which means you don’t have to update any of your business cards or marketing collateral with a new fax number.

No wonder there are more than 11 million subscribers worldwide to this service, making the company eFax, which was established 18 years ago, one of the most trusted names in online faxing.

The company says it uses leading edge technology to ensure that its cloud-based platform is secure, private and fast. Also, it has a call centre on hand to help with any questions.

So how do you go about number porting?

You can port your existing fax number in three steps.

On the eFax page is a porting request form:

Fill out the form, hit submit and a request will be sent to eFax’s customer service team.

The customer service team will be in touch regarding information about the processing of your request.

Once the porting process is completed – this usually takes two to four weeks – the customer service team will contact you to sign you up to the eFax online faxing service.

There is no need to install software as you can use your browser, email or mobile app.

There are no lock-in contracts. There is no contract, obligation or risk – if you choose a monthly subscription you can cancel anytime.

The company also has a mobile app which allows you to send and receive faxes via your mobile. And you can opt to sign documents using the digital signature which means that you don’t have to print the document to sign it.

More info here:

How many times have we sweated on a file being too big to send via email? So for transfer of heavy files via the Internet, there is a solution.

The company has large file sharing available. You can easily send files that are too heavy for email. You can share presentations, promotional videos or high-resolution images without blocking up your email.

Log into your account, enter up to 20 email addresses at a time, upload your files – which should be 1GB in total – and send. Each recipient will get an email link to securely download your file.

There is a 30-day free trial to learn about the benefits of online faxing if you still need convincing about how efficient this system can be in terms of time and money.

Angel Rojas, owner of Datacorps Technology Solutions, has found it cost-efficient.

“eFax makes faxing as easy as sending and receiving email. It has also paid for itself several times over,” says Mr Rojas.

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