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Online Fax Broadcasting in Australia: Upgrade Your Business

Online Fax Broadcasting in Australia: Upgrade Your Business


Despite the many advancements and innovations in the modern world, faxes are still the best way to sign or send a document without meeting the recipient. According to the IDG, the market share of digital fax went from 40 percent in 2017 to 84 percent in 2019. Cloud fax services more than doubled in value and contributed in large part to the huge growth of digital fax solutions.

Fax Machine Usage Statistics

Growth of digital fax servers and cloud fax services 2017-2019 (Source: IDG)

The key insight to take from this is that the faxing industry is still increasingly utilised by businesses of all types, from mining corporations to educational institutions. Online faxing usage is expected to grow to a USD $2.4 billion market by 2022, according to Arizton. With that said, what are the advantages and benefits of online fax broadcasting in Australia?

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How is Online Fax Broadcasting Different From Traditional Fax

Online fax broadcasting is a service that lets you send multiple fax documents at the same time. Furthermore, you can also have these scheduled and automated depending on the service you’re subscribed to. With eFax, you can have all these features and more, like their lifetime unlimited cloud storage for fax documents.

Whereas with the traditional method of faxing, papers are physically handled, stored, sent, and lined up in a queue, online faxing differs greatly. Traditionally faxing your papers means having to send faxes one by one, which is tedious, especially if you want to send your fax to more than one recipient. Additionally, you’ll also have to deal with storing these files in a systematic catalogue or shelf, where curating can be complicated.

How Online Fax Broadcasting Works

Now, contrast all those hassles to the benefits of online fax broadcasting and you’ll see a world of difference. In essence, fax broadcasting works similarly to a mail system but on a more secure and legitimate level. Faxes are easily traceable and considered a legitimate document by the government, unlike emails which can be forged together with its data logs.

Online fax broadcasting allows you to send one fax to over 100, 500, 1,000 or more people at the same time. This saves you a ton of time, instead of faxing things manually one by one through a fax machine. Additionally, you can also segregate and store your faxes much easier on a database through cloud storage. Online fax broadcasting providers like eFax provide you with unlimited cloud storage where you can store your fax documents.

While there are a lot of other benefits and advantages to trying out fax broadcasting in Australia, we won’t be able to go over all of them in this article. With that said, you can refer to eFax’s guide on how faxing online works to help you get a better understanding of the more intricate process behind this technology.

Online Fax Broadcasting and Australian Businesses

According to the ACMA, an approximate 90 percent of Australian adults have access to the internet. That means that nearly everyone in Australia is living online, where things are instantaneous and easy. After all, who has the time, money, or patience to receive faxes through a machine anymore, anyway?

As a business, you must get your company to stand out from the rest in product quality and timeliness of your service. With an online fax system, you’ll be able to connect with your clients and customers faster than ever. The coupled convenience of an email and security of timeless technology, online faxing frees you from the fax machine and gives you the versatility of online mail

Here are a couple of reasons fax broadcast services are a must-have for your business.


First of all you won’t be stuck by the fax machine for hours on end trying to send documents one after the other. Additionally, you can also say goodbye to fax queues where an urgent fax can’t be sent because 20 other documents are still being processed. Online faxing provides you with the convenience of making the entire process feel like sending an email.

This helps your clients as well, who’ll receive their fax documents in the same amount of time as everyone else. Every customer out there is looking for the best thing with the least amount of work. If you can make your Australian business functional and convenient with an online faxing system, then you’re already miles ahead of the competition.

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Online Faxing Saves Time

Remember that example about changing papers in and out of the fax machine? Well, by using a fax broadcasting service, you’ll be able to send multiple fax documents at the same time without having to fiddle around with your machine. This saves you a lot of time, which of course inevitably saves you money as well.

Furthermore, arranging your documents in the office no longer has to feel like a chore. Most faxing services, like eFax, provide an unlimited lifetime storage space for fax documents in their cloud database. You can also convert these documents to PDFs, JPEGs, and so on with eFax so you can access and arrange these files easier.

Fax Broadcasting is Efficient

By faxing online, you’ll be able to manage your schedule and automate the sending of your documents to the second. Doing so will provide your company with the ability to always be timely, consistent, and efficient with sending fax documents to your customers.

At the same time, say goodbye to the common mistake of sending a fax document to the wrong recipient. With online faxing, where faxing is sent via email, you won’t have to double-check every number you send your fax to. Manage your clients better and automate campaigns to give your company the edge to perform at its best.

Perfect For Every Business

Are you a retail owner who wants to fax your latest discounts to your regular customers? Well, fax broadcasting is perfect for you. An accounting firm who needs to send legal documents over for signing? Send them through eFax and have them sign the document legally on their smartphone.

Faxing might feel like ancient technology at this point, but it’s the staple of how large businesses communicate, like Rolex when managing their collector edition watches. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t walk into a Rolex outlet and simply buy a Daytona or a Submariner. Luxury brands have a reputation score, where buyers need to have a history of purchasing from their brand before they can buy their iconic watches. More often than not, if you’re an excellent customer for Rolex, they’ll send you a fax with details about making a watch available in your area.

Another example of this would be automotive companies sending mass advertisements for promos, or an educational institution sending notices to its students and their parents. The point being, anytime you need to send a message, contract or disseminate anything to your clients, online faxing remains the best option for every business.

Cost Saving and Environmental Friendly

Upgrading to an online fax broadcasting service will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the future. By broadcasting and sending faxes online, you’ll avoid spending money on ink, paper, and maintenance! Furthermore, when paying for a service like eFax, you’re assured that their technology only gets better and better as competition increases. This way, you can say goodbye to buying a new fax machine every couple of years and just upgrade one time to a constant premium service like eFax.

Additionally, online faxing makes your company care about the environment—which is always a huge plus. Shoot two birds with one stone by also reducing the negative waste that impacts the environment. Utilising the online fax service, like eFax’s mobile app, mitigates electronic waste by a huge margin, all while keeping your business functioning efficiently.

No Lost or Deleted Faxes

Unlike emails that can be blocked or simply undelivered because of a network error, faxing doesn’t have this problem. Faxes cannot be blocked unless explicitly done by the receiver otherwise it will always find its way to the recipient. This is because, unlike emails, faxes don’t go through firewalls, servers, ISPS, and other network barriers that might block your email.

Faxes are sent through the phone line, which is inherently much more secure than an internet connection. If a fax, unfortunately,  gets lost you will be informed of this, unlike emails. This is because faxes wait for a confirmation from their recipient that they received the fax, so they can inform you that it was sent correctly.

Secure And Safe

Remember how faxes travel through the phone line? A fax is sent to the cloud, read by the fax machine of your provider, and sent via phone line. This is much more secure than passing through the internet, where emails can be susceptible to interception. By passing your fax through a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), hackers will have to manually access that phone line to intercept your fax.

To top it off, even if they did intercept your fax, all they’d receive would be noise and encrypted data. Faxing keeps your emails safe with end-to-end encryption, making sure that only you and your recipient get to read your fax.

How Fax Broadcasting Stacks Against Direct Email Broadcasting for Businesses

While emails are much more recent and feel like the future, that’s really all too far from the truth. Faxes are still the most secure, legal, and highly-regarded way of communicating with big companies. With emails, you’ll have to take into account the various setups, different ISPs, firewalls, and so on. These factors could easily result in a lost email, which puts one of your clients behind everyone else.

Using a fax broadcasting service helps you get those product reports, news, policies, and other important documents out with certainty. Online faxing is much more affordable, faster, and easier to adapt to than a traditional fax machine.

Considering that eFax is NBN-compatible, which makes it future-proof for upcoming technology, you can bet that this is a long-lasting solution as well. eFax ensures that the transition between your current system to their faxing service is smooth by allowing you to keep your existing NBN number.

Getting Started With 30-Day Free Trial

With all that being said, eFax is the most popular online fax broadcasting option amongst Australians for their fax solution needs. The company has over 11 million business subscribers who use online faxing services every month. Unlike a lot of companies that request upfront payment before the trial of the software, eFax offers a free trial that lets you fax in less than 5 minutes. Start a 30-day free trial with eFax today. You can also call 1800 283 361 to speak to an eFax representative to get started.

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