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3 Time Saving Tricks for Stressed Out Property Managers


3 Time Saving Tricks for Stressed Out Property Managers

Property managers are invaluable to landlords. They deal with tenants, advertise vacancies, collect and forward rent, arrange repairs and even handle nasty evictions.

It’s a job that requires confidence, salesmanship, diplomacy… and lots of hard work.

The stress associated with keeping clients and tenants happy can take its toll. Here are three things a property manager can do to lessen stress, and free up time, so that working in the rental department becomes a positive experience.

The power of the office in your pocket


1. Make use of the cloud

Using software programs in the cloud can save a lot of time. It’s even possible to buy a cloud-based program with everything from tenant screening functions to the workflow for maintenance requests built in. Because it’s in the cloud, nothing is installed on your computer, you subscribe to it on a monthly basis, which means it can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection and from any device.

The cloud’s other main use for property managers is online file storage. With hi-res photos or videos of properties, your hard drive will fill quickly. Not so if you do large file sharing and storage in the cloud. The storage capacity provided via the cloud far exceeds your computer’s, and you don’t have to return to the office to access your data either.

2. Send a fax from a PC or smartphone

Hurrying back to the office to use the fax machine to send a rental agreement, leaving sensitive documents on the fax machine, the fax machine not working – let’s face it, using a fax machine takes time and effort and is becoming redundant in the digital age. What isn’t redundant is the concept of the fax – sending a copy of a document from A to B.

With eFax, you can send a fax online from your computer without needing a new phone line or special software. You can email-to-fax – attach a document to an email and send it to multiple fax numbers. The difference is it’s not travelling over a phone line, it’s going via the cloud, and if you’re using eFax, cloud storage is free so you can archive faxes and resend if necessary, all from your computer.

You do the same with the eFax Mobile App, although you don’t have to scan the document, just take a photo. Having the app means as a property manager you have a fax machine in hand 24/7. You can even use the app’s digitised signature function to make any document you send official.

3. Keeping your tenants happy

You may be dealing with a landlord who reminds you of Ebenezer Scrooge, but no matter how tough they are, your job will be made less stressful if your tenants are happy. As much as possible, you should keep them in the loop, and stay in regular contact. This is especially the case if repairs are needed, or they have an ongoing problem with the property or lease. Sharing information from the outset means you won’t waste time down the track answering myriad emails from them!

Become a property professional

Landlords and tenants appreciate quality service and take note of who is professional and who isn’t. Using these time-saving tricks can help lessen your stress, and work in the most efficient way possible.

When you sign up for eFax, you can try our Internet faxing services to discover all of the useful features you’ll receive for your business.

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