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Top 10 best Facebook post ideas for small businesses

FACEBOOK has proved to be the top engagement tool for Australian audiences.  Smart businesses have used successful strategies via Facebook to make more personal, meaningful connections with customers and generate sales leads.

According to the Annual Facebook Performance Report for Australia in 2015, and lead in their category of airlines, travel and tourism. has more than 6.6 million fans while has more than 2.2 million fans.

Online Circle Digital, which conducted the analysis from Facebook data, looked at 29 categories and more than 2,500 Australian brands.

Getting to those magic follower figures can, of course, positively impact customer engagement. But this could be interlocked. Customer engagement could be the way to attaining a healthy fan figure and making the most of the social media platform.

A customer sharing posts with their friends could, in turn, make the friends “like” the small business page.

Here are 10 Facebook post ideas for small businesses:

Ask what they think

One way to engage the customer is to throw the line open for feedback. It could be asking them what they think about an existing product, or it could be a future redesign.

This conversation could go more than two ways if other followers comment on those views too. An all-round conversation could get a community feel to the page.

Share images

Stunning pictures of products brighten up Facebook pages. Leave the comments section open for fans to say what they think about each image or what their experience was when they used that particular product.

Engagement soared on NSW Tourism’s page because of the image factor. Everyone loves to post their travel images and love to look at pictures of places they have been to or want to visit. was able to tap into that brilliantly.

Images from a food, fashion or fitness business could attract clicks and with that come the Facebook likes.

Share videos

Videos have come a long way in engaging people especially after Facebook began prioritising posts with native video about a year ago. Translate that into guaranteed clicks and likes.

In the Annual Facebook Performance Report, Lucio Ribeiro, head of strategy and delivery at Facebook, says in 2016 they will see an increased shift in spend from display ads to social, native ads and influencers.

Social video will become more congested and complicated, with individual channels favouring native content and expanding their video creation and editing tools, says Ribeiro.

An entertaining and instructive video telling the follower how best to use the product could get you the clicks needed.

Engage followers

People love to show off their knowledge. A quiz once a week, on a fixed day, is a good way to engage fans.

The quiz could be related to the product – intriguing facts about the industry or identifying people in an old image. Or just a general question once a week with a vague connection to the business or product that gets the viewer back to the Facebook page once a week.

[yellow tail] leads Australia’s beer, wine and cider category, with more than 1.3 million Facebook fans. It stimulates conversations by asking users about which wines they prefer and when is the best time to drink them. They also run competitions where connoisseurs upload pictures of their favourite wines.

Offer tips

Tips on how to make best use of the product or a service is a good way to engage.  People may not remember everything that was told to them at the time of purchase. Refreshing their memory is a good start. Tips could even be about the industry in general.

Tourism Australia does this really well with its official Facebook page, See Australia, where it provides excellent holiday ideas to visitors.

Blog post links

You could post the first paragraph from your blog post on Facebook with a link to your website if they want to read the rest of the post.

Lead up to the post with a catchy introduction that makes sure the eye follows on to the website link.

Personal posts

Sometimes a tidbit about the small business owner piques the customer’s interest. They realise they may have something in common with the entrepreneur.

If the business is such that personal interaction is minimal, then this is the place where you can talk about yourself and make your personality accessible to your audience.

Share something from your business

Besides sharing something personal with your followers, you can reveal something about your business – maybe the inspiration, the logic, little-known facts about setting it up could be posted on the page.

Share facts and figures

People love interesting facts and figures. The industry in which you operate could have numbers that are fascinating. People love to share entertaining facts and stats with friends.

Personal care company Burt’s Bees, for instance, uses “fun facticles” to engage visitors.

Use humour

Being humorous and witty goes a long way.

People love to share jokes and forward them to friends. That logic could get more followers coming back to your page if they know there could be something there to brighten their day.

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