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Transforming Australia’s Small and Medium Businesses

Transforming Australia’s Small and Medium Businesses


A $51 billion national open-access data network project is the digital future for Australia. The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a high-speed network built to bring internet speeds up to hundreds of megabits per second to almost all Australian homes. With up to 88 percent of Australians as active internet users, NBN is a step in the right direction—transforming Australia’s small and medium businesses for the better.

It’s no secret that the world was forcefully transferred into digital operations because of the global pandemic. Fortunately, companies that have successfully adapted to the digital market and taken advantage of the NBN system have thrived. For small and medium Australian businesses, the internet and NBN are slowly becoming synonymous.

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Using the Internet and NBN in Small and Medium Businesses

A fast internet connection opens up avenues that set your business leagues ahead of your competition. There are a plethora of opportunities that come together with connecting to the NBN. You can get in contact with your clients faster, upload and download documents from the cloud storage programs with ease, and store or retrieve important documents on online faxing solutions like eFax.

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), a speedy internet connection is crucial for delivering quality services consistently. This is especially true amidst the recent months, with the COVID-19 pandemic completely making it almost impossible for most face-to-face businesses.

What Makes NBN Different From The Rest?

For starters, ADSL is significantly slower than both cable and NBN. With bandwidth speeds of up to 24mbps max, ADSL is not only slow, but the speed directly relates to how far your connection is from the local telephone exchange. If you’re still on an ADSL, you can get a significantly higher bandwidth plan for the same price with an NBN plan.

Cable plans do reach up to 100mbps, just like the NBN. However, the overall upload speeds with cable falls exceedingly short with speeds as low as 2mbps. Contrast this to NBN where customers have access to upload speeds of 40mbps, you can see the world of difference for the same price.

Can You Apply for an NBN Plan?

Getting an NBN internet connection used to be something paid with luck, more than money. Selected areas received the NBN upgrade before others, which begs the question:

Can I apply for an NBN plan in my neighbourhood?

The answer to almost all readers out there is “Yes.”

According to the Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts, Paul Fletcher, the NBN rollout is now 99 percent complete. Around 11.5 million properties now have access to the nationwide internet plan. There’s most certainly an NBN connection for your business ready in your vicinity.

What an NBN Plan Means For Your Business

NBN plans are simply more affordable, provide faster internet speeds, and are the better deal overall. Now that you know that an NBN plan is well within reach of your business, it’s time to discuss how connecting to the NBN will improve your company.

Remote Work

Offices are supposed to be the place where everything you need for work is in its best condition. The space is productive and the internet is fast. However, NBN provides corporate-grade internet speed at consumer prices. Gone are the days of having to drive to work just so you can upload or download files for work.

An NBN connection would allow employees to work remotely, from the comfort of either their homes or your property—if your business is meant to create a working space for individuals.

Learning and Education

Figuring out the next best thing or finding out how you can elevate your product is something every business person needs to know. With the plethora of online courses out there, Coursera, MOOCs, edX, and so on, there’s education for all sorts of situations.

A fast internet connection lets you download and stream HD videos, applications, programs, and other forms of content much faster, accelerating your businesses.


NBN connections are made up of mostly fibre, contrasting to the traditional copper wires. Fibre-optic cables are both faster and more reliable than other types of cables, making it much more stable. This guarantees a steady flow of fast internet for your business, which is crucial to avoid downtime from loss of internet.

Creation of New Businesses

Getting your business off the ground is one of the biggest hurdles startups face. Having the best internet plan ensures that information, files, and data are utilised regularly without the risk of having your internet cut off randomly. Furthermore, new businesses don’t have to worry about being close to their local telephone exchanges with an NBN connection.

Building a website, publishing videos, and uploading or downloading faxes are internet-reliant, which benefits from the high-speed connections from an NBN plan.

Business Relocation

NBN is now available across most—if not all—of Australia. With an NBN plan, relocating your business is no longer a matter of where the best internet is. You’ll find almost all the buildings in Australia are NBN-ready, making business relocation much more convenient.

Newer Opportunities For Innovation

An NBN plan will open up newer doors of opportunities for small and medium businesses. Fast-internet reliant services like cloud storage, digital faxing, and video publishing are some examples. Having a fast internet plan with any of these services will elevate your day-to-day operations.

With digital faxing services like eFax for example, you can send faxes with file sizes much larger than emails. An NBN plan lets your company upload files much faster, thereby sending these faxes off much quicker.

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Productivity & Growth

There are multiple ways to measure a company’s rate of growth. Regardless of your industry, the staple of a successful business almost always includes a high-speed internet connection and digital faxing. Online or digital faxing is the gold standard of business communication and transactions. Faxing is safer, more efficient, saves cost, and is more convenient than emails. With that said, you can refer to eFax’s guide on how online faxing works to help you get a better understanding of the more intricate process behind this technology.

eFax is an excellent digital faxing service, where users are given unlimited cloud storage, an efficient storage system for files, the ability to send one fax to more than thousands of customers at one time, and more.


We’ve all been there, waiting five seconds for a web page to load or for a picture to upload. While five seconds might seem like a short amount of time, it’s a huge problem for the overall efficiency of your business. Optimising the smallest details can increase productivity rates many times over, primarily if your business relies upon the internet frequently.

Australian Businesses That NBN Has Drastically Improved.

If you’re still feeling hesitant, here are a couple of real-life situations where NBN has changed smaller businesses.

The Forge Pizzeria

Started by brothers Tim and Chris Matthews, Forge Pizzeria grew from a measly two employees to nearly 100 working staff in just six years. With the increasing load of employees to manage, Tim and Chris had their lives saved by NBN. According to the two brothers, fingerprint logins and online timesheet management are what they use to keep track of the entire business.

Tailored Construction Group.

Even a company as outdoorsy as construction still benefits from the new opportunities that NBN opens up. The Tailored Construction Group has over 17 employees, but what sets them apart from their rivals is their web-based portal. NBN allows the business to transact and update in real-time the progress of the construction and stage of each job. Not only is this an excellent service for the clients, but the team itself has found it easier to communicate and be productive with the online software.

Future of Australian Business with NBN

The fact that NBN is faster, more reliable, and at a similar price as its competitors just goes to show how innovative this tech is. Against all odds, getting an NBN plan is the next biggest upgrade to the digitalisation and business transformation of small to medium-sized companies. With that said, it’s safe to say that NBN is the internet future of Australian businesses.

Getting Started With 30-Day Free Trial

Now, if you’re still unsure about getting an NBN plan, you can at least try out eFax for free with a 30-day free trial. The online faxing company has over 11 million business subscribers who use its online faxing services every month. In less than five minutes, you can start a 30-day free trial with eFax today. You can also call 1800 283 361 to speak to an eFax representative to get started.

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