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Updating Company Technology? You Need More Than Just a Digital Strategy

Updating your company’s technology is an exciting and necessary step in business growth. In today’s ever-changing technological landscape, there are constant digital developments with which you and your business need to stay in step.

To most businesses, a technology upgrade brings to mind images of new hardware, software, systems and processes. But while these are essential parts of a digital upgrade strategy, there is one aspect of the transition that is often overlooked: the company’s employees.

Successful digital advancement relies just as much on the people involved as it does on the actual technology. In order to ensure a successful company upgrade, you need to reconsider the skills and abilities of your workforce as well.

What we’re saying is basically this: the key to success isn’t in what you upgrade, but in who will be involved with the new technology. This refers to current staff, many of whom will need to be retrained in order to utilise the new technology, as well as new staff, hired specially to make the most of digital upgrades.

Digital transformation needs to occur via a top-down process within a company’s staff. The importance of effective leadership in times of digital transformation cannot be underestimated. Company leaders must embrace the change, sending a message and setting an example for the rest of the company to do the same. If leaders are prepared to adjust the workflow of the business, other workers are more likely to view the change in a positive light and adapt accordingly.

For your company to reap the full benefits of a digital transformation, your employees must be able to utilise new hardware, software and systems effectively. And in order to ensure existing staff can meet the new demands of the upgrade, specialised training will inevitably need to occur. Most vendors of technological equipment have professional trainers on staff, who can provide in-house training for your employees. This ensures everything runs smoothly and maximises the benefits of the upgrade.

Be aware that, throughout this process, you may experience some difficulties with staff who are resistant to the change that comes with digital transformation. Fostering a culture of openness and honesty within your company, explaining developments to all employees, and providing adequate training will ensure that staff are prepared – both mentally and in terms of skills.

While current staff may be trained to meet new needs and expectations, major technological upgrades within a company generally create new roles as well. When hiring new staff to meet the needs of a digitally transformed company, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind.

Firstly, try not to focus on skill sets alone. While the right skills and experience are vital, of course, employees need to demonstrate more than just hard skill alone. They need to display enthusiasm for, and dedication to, learning and applying new technologies. If a potential employee doesn’t have a positive and enthusiastic outlook on the future of technology in business, they probably aren’t the right person for you.

Another key factor in the hiring process should be adaptability. This is one of the most important traits an employee can display at such an integral time of change for your company. The best kinds of people to hire at this time are those who have a history of adapting to new roles and responsibilities, and who seem able to handle new tasks and learn new skills. In an ever-changing world of digital developments, flexibility is key.

Finally, you should determine a candidate’s analytical prowess before you consider hiring them during your company upgrade. As technological advances allow more and more tasks to be automated, the remaining responsibilities require smart, switched-on, analytically minded people to get the job done. Data analysis and problem-solving skills are just as important as technical knowledge and skills when it comes to a company’s digital transformation.

Once your workforce has been upgraded in addition to your technology, your company can truly begin its journey into the future. Constant digital advancement is an inevitability in the business world, so putting together a strong, adaptable and enthusiastic team now will ensure your company can keep up with the rapidly changing times.

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