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Use eFax® with email, Mobile, and Internet Fax Free for 30 Days

Free email Fax

Use eFax® with email, Mobile, and Internet Fax Free for 30 Days

During your free 30-day trial of eFax®, you’ll have access to all the same services as a premium subscriber. This allows you to explore every aspect of the service and make sure it’s right for you or your business. Some of the more popular features are email faxing, mobile fax services, internet based fax, and international faxing. This is just an overview and there are many more features of eFax® described in the features section of our website.

Free Email Fax

With your free 30-day trial of eFax®, you will be able to fax via email. You can send and receive faxes to and from anyone around the globe using only your email. Simply address the fax to [email protected], attach your fax documents, and press send. In a few moments you’ll receive a reply email letting you know that your fax has been sent. Receiving faxes via email is even easier, you just open the attachment sent from eFax®. You can send up to 200 pages* and you can receive up to another 200 pages* during your free fax trial, and each month after when you become a subscriber.

Free Mobile Fax

Using your Android or iOS based device, you can download the eFax® app and begin sending and receiving faxes on the road. This is a great tool for traveling executives that spend more time out of the country than in their office, or someone who likes to work from a local coffee shop. Either way, you’ll love the ability to send, receive, and forward faxes from your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.

Free Internet Fax

If a laptop or desktop computer is more your style, you can always login at the eFax® website and manage your faxes there. This is also a great feature when you’re away from you own devices and need to borrow a computer or hop online at a cyber-cafe. All of your faxes are stored online where you can organize and review them at any time.

Free International Fax

International faxing takes on multiple meaning with eFax®. This is because you can have a fax number in another country. For example, your office might be in Melbourne but your fax number is local to Tokyo, or vice versa. Also, you can send faxes to any country in the world, or receive them from anywhere. Lastly, you can take your account with you via the internet and use it to send and receive faxes during your international travels. This makes eFax® a truly international faxing service.

Free 30-Day eFax® Trial

Don’t take our word for it, take advantage of the free 30-day trial and conduct your own review of eFax®. You can cancel at any time with no obligation and no hassles if you don’t think the service is right for you. However, our many satisfied customers tell us that you’re going to love eFax®.

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